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Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women

Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women
Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women
Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women
Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women
Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women
Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women
Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women
Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women
Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women
Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women
Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women
Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women

Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women   Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women

To see my son's old books. A VERY SCARCE VICTORIAN BOOK. W W Houston & co. 9.75" by 7.75" w/ 528 pages.

WITH APX 200 PICTURES [quick count]. Her reign from infancy to age, from attic to cellar. Home occupations [think house cleaning], home decorations.

Social relations, entertainments [parties], library, dress, occupations for women. Including papers by eminent authorities on home decorations, infancy, & the sick room. FULL CONTENTS AT THE VERY END OF THE LISTING. Photos carefully as they are part of the description.

All of my books are VERY OLD and have 100+ years of wear to varying degrees. Boards - very secure, 1 small spot to the back cover.

Pretty good - 3 very, very tiny holes; back top edge was split and. Spine - ends with some wear /split next to the'Q' and'H' on the spine that has been glued down. Inner hinges - very good. Pages - generally clean however, apx half of the book has staining, some very light. Some rather heavy - see pictures #8-11. Rips /folds - none that I saw. Some fading to the gilt on the covers -a solid book. A RARE ONE FOR YOUR LIBRARY! Please Add me to your Favorites list. AND check back now and then to see what's new! Otherwise I can't send you a new invoice. Don't panic, I will get to ASAP. T can take up to 14 days to get back East.

All others please contact me. This book is very old and. May have accumulated bad smells along the way [musty basement/ mildew/ smoke]. Dryer sheets in them for a few months makes a world of difference!

My nose doesn't work like it use to. So the old book smell doesn't bother me.

As far as I can tell -this book does not smell bad. Housekeeping Paul and Virginia Starting in life A judicious decision Shall we board? Family frankness What "tries men's souls " Evils of life in a boarding house Virginia's supper How it might have been different Paul's fortitude " But I hate housekeeping" All the aunts and cousins Multiplied wisdom The laws of the Medes and Persians Chapter II. Planning the Week's Work Adjustable plans A waste of time "Pre- maturely old" "Declined with thanks" "I'm through by ten o'clock" the sitting question " It looks so lazy " A fig for the way " it looks " The self-righteous woman and the meek Bounden duty Novel amusement for the baby Now I don't agree with you; honestly, I don't "Woman's wit " The pleasantest way An inspiration to greater deeds Chapter III.

Baking Day How to teach children Shall we eat pie? "Plain cakes for the children" Devices for lightening the work Chapter IV. Sweeping and Dusting Sweeping day Demented on the subject of house- work A false idea of nicety An invention to delude the innocent housekeeper It does not pay Chapter V. Marketing How to market Value of " ready-made " knowledge A running account, and its disadvantages The income question A fallacy among sanguine lovers The wife as treasurer Paying cash "Out of debt" Must haves and can haves The story of the butcher Mutton and parsnips Hungry and reticent "Providing made easy " Chapter VI.

Moving and House Cleaning''Order brought out of chaos Such a week! A chorus of "Ohs" " Putting to rights" With ease and comfort Chapter VII.

Household Conveniences "Closets and closets'" " Riddled with moths" " My lady's chamber " An adjustable table " A thing of beauty and a joy forever " The particular province of the Queen Inventions, necessary or unnecessary? Samantha Allen, and our fore-mothers Labor-saving devices HOME DECORATIONS.

Color and Decoration in the House Paul and Virginia " counting up " Trying to make a cozy home Where is the house to be? Avoid malaria, a legion of demons Dark rooms Light on the subject Don't grow discouraged Laws of dec- oration Color schemes The beauty of your rooms Chapter II. Carpets Carpets, or rugs and bare floors? Stained floors Persian rugs American imitations Axminsters and velvets Kensington squares Color schemes for carpets Chapter III.

Wall-paper Artistic designs Dados and friezes Devices for increasing or diminishing the apparent size of a room Patterns and colors The pride of our grandmothers French designs "Boston felting" The dear, unthinking boys An immaculate house A curious chemical law in treating paint Chapter IV. Draperies Draping the windows Nottingham lace China silks Stained glass Colored curtains Silk " tie-backs " or brass chains Draperies, par excellence Virginia's time Chapter V. Furnishing The hall Japanese dados "Venetian carpets" The "hall- piece" The " best room" Paul as a carpenter How to arrange i\xxvi\\. The Dining Room Curtains at the bay-window A "chair-rail" The regu. Lation sideboard as a "nightmare" Flowers in the dining room Virginia's wedding presents Dainty damasks Glass and china Paul's success in business Trenton ware, Japanese and majolica Flowers for the table Chapter VII.

Bedrooms Knick-knacks of the toilet Virginia's ingenuity "Away with such nonsense " Small caraffe or pitcher Color schemes for the bedroom Chapter VIII. Autotypes and photogravures Building the " home nest " THE NURSERY. Its Sanitation, Uses and Conveniences Its hallowed recollections " Good times in the dear old nursery" Practically the home of the infant " Baby" the ruler absolute; both queen and tyrant " Clasping tiny hands" Naming the baby Chapter II Avoidable Deformities Responsibility of parents Necessary watchfulness " Looks cute" in infancy, but is awkward in youth Headache from defective vision Chapter III. Holiday Evils "Putting away the Christmas toys" " Exactly, Clarice " Christmas festivals and New Year's parties Dolls in the Orient Dolls as a means of education From Greenland to Hindostan Chapter IV.

Children's Nerves Afraid of the dark How to remedy this The good- night lesson "Tired nature's sweet restorer, balmy sleep" A romp with father Bedtime Off to the Land of Nod INFANCY. The Infant Improper methods of strengthening it Dangers of overfeeding Method of dressing The bath The queen's treasure " Seeing baby's feet " Do not urge the child to walk 143 Chapter II. Feeding Food Proper kinds and quantity Lime-water to prevent colic Care of hand-fed infant Condensed milk Evaporated milk Learn to feed the baby properly And avoid a sad experience Chapter III. Artificial Food Valuable rules What, when and how to feed Mellin's food "Flour ball" Beef tea Milk the main reliance Other foods Chapter IV.

Diet and Care of Children Avoid monotony in feeding children Train- ing the child's taste Silvery laughter Crying as a language You may learn to read it Be observing, and thus aid the physician Chapter V. Dentition This the crisis of infancy Brain and nervous system The tissues and physiological functions of the mouth The absorption of gum tissue Delusive ideas Proper exercise in the open air Look after the moral side of children's associations HOME TRAINING.

Home Education True education "Book learning" Counsel and advice Parental example Unjust accusations "Boarding schools " Chapter II. "Eternal vigilance" "Little drops of water, little grains of sand" " He was faithful in little things " Evils of treating The practice of trading Chapter IV. Home Relations and Home Manners Paterfamilias and the much abused mother-in-law Grandpa and Grandma Effects of fashion on social conditions and marriage An important rule Let there be harmony Hold no acrimonious discussions before the children A guardian brother Care of the baby A protest against injustice to the older children Chapter V.

Observation Directness of speech Self-control An idea from Trollope's "Armadale" Developing the habit of correct observation The facetious railway em- ploye, and what it cost him Self-control in the matter of speech Responsibility of mothers in teaching their children self-control A sad story Chapter VI. School " Baby has gone to school" Defects of our present system of education "Big heads and little bodies " The precocious pet of the family Incidents in the teaching of children Chapter VII. Selection of Professions The education of women as wives and mothers How shall the sons be taught to be good husbands? Aunt" "Are you sure it was not some other noise you heard? The importance of education according to individual talent The question of a boy's calling Not to be settled in a moment A good mechanic more acceptable of God than an inferior minister How to wisely decide your boy's calling for life THE SICK-ROOM.

Hammond's invaluable suggestions as to nervous troubles Symptoms, and what should be done A cure for indigestion Chapter II Small Ailments How they should be carefully considered Retain the child's confidence Imprudence in children's plays "Only a toothache" Suggestion and remedies Food for invalids Chapter III. The Nurse and Patient Care of the sick-room Maternal devotion Sanita- tion and hygienic arrangements Instruction to the nurse Helpful suggestions Chapter IV.

Cleanliness Germ diseases Antiseptic cleanliness Disinfection The curious origin of a case of typhoid fever Disinfectants, and how to use them Duty of the nurse Chapter V. Ventilation How to properly ventilate Moisture in the atmosphere Currents of air "God's own fresh air" necessary Ill-constructed rooms Chapter VI. Light Bathing Clothing Better for the sick-room to have a southern exposure The development of certain diseases favored by darkness Flowers in the sick-room Rules as to bathing Arranging the bed Important consideration of temperature Chapter VII.

Diet Preparing and serving food The value of different articles of diet Coffee, tea and beef-tea Consider the patient's cravings, or "fancies" An important injunction to the nurse Chapter VIII. Food for Invalids Emergencies Rules for the preparation of food What to do in emergencies Chapter IX. The Emergency Box Accidents " happen in the very best regulated families " " In time of peace prepare for war" What the emergency box should contain The importance of self-possession in an emergency HOME AMUSEMENTS. The Mission of Fancy-work Selecting amusements for children Fun for little Paul An object in learning Scroll-sawing The microscope Chapter II. Pets, Flowers, Music The study of animal life "Speak" Sir John Lub- bock's study of ants The introduction of pets into the household The baby and the cat Flowers and plants as a means of amusing and educating children Growing a name " A song without words " Music as a refining influence Chapter III.

Games Necessity for amusement Games of our childhood New games Domino Chapter IV. Amusements in the Country Advantages to children of living in the coun- try Fun by the sea The barrel-horse Ain't it fun!

The life of young people in country and city compared Chapter V. Some Home-made Toys How to make a doll " Bean-bags, " and how the game is played The kaleidoscope Ring-toss Squalls " Menagerie rug " for baby SOCIAL RELATIONS. " Charity, like a cloak, covereth a multitude of sins" The interpretation of this text The principles of politeness How we judge others Hostess and guests The women of to-day Chapter II. Mistress and Maid True ideas of home-making The valuable employee and the dentist Employment in factories compared with domestic service The future plan of housekeeping Chapter III. Gnats A little worry is like "little knowledge, " a "dangerous thing" The annoyances resulting from innuendo Finding fault with the "goods the gods provide" An inspiring motto Chapter IV.

Form The daughter in society The mother should keep up with the times "Ceremony" keeps society together "Social Laws" as necessary as laws in any other department of life Rules of etiquette generally based on sound principles Illustrations Chapter V. Social Visiting Launched fairly upon the world The typical American voice, and how to improve it Advantages in business and society of 2^ good voice " Calling " "Afternoons" and " evenings " Chapter VI, Social Circles and Clubs Naming social clubs The R. The old days of " singing skules " and spelling bees Literary clubs Singing societies, etc.

How these clubs should be organized ENTERTAINMENTS. Soap-bubble and Pop-corn Parties Entertaining one's friends The olden- time "party" A merry winter evening A soap-bubble party and the prizes Chapter II. Candy Parties Instructions for making French candy Cream chocolates English walnuts and filberts Confectioners' sugar "Jim Crows" Wrapping fancy candies Chapter III. Lawn Parties These should never be attempted by anyone who has no lawn ^Queen of the Cupids Fancy dress for lawn parties A number of suitable games Chinese lanterns Refreshments ^The hostess and her " assistants " Chapter IV. Masquerades A mistaken impression of masquerades A few suggestions Choosing a costume Costumes and characters described The domino The " Virginia reel" Chapter V.

Jarley's Wax Works " "Mum sociables" " Rainbow teas A word of admonition THE LIBRARY. Considered as a Room Bibliomaniacs A bay-window and an open fire-place The furniture The library desk and its equipment Library and living-room combined Much expense not necessary to comfort Chapter II. Considered as Books What to read and how to read What shall my daughter read?

Do you believe in reading fiction? Whitney and Miss Alcott Newspapers and periodicals A hopeful sign in the Boston public schools Judgment in selecting a " course of reading " Suggestions to young girls An ingenious suggestion from St.

Preparation of Manuscript Instructions Directions for sending the manu- script Reproducing y^rd-z^w books The process explained DRESS. Chapter L The Influence of Dress Queen Victoria's inexorable dictum, and its effect upon Princess Louise In olden times, women dressed alike; to-day, they seek to manifest originality in dress " Handsome is as handsome does" Is it true? Dress versus Cost Mourning- Good effects possible at small expense Not necessary to " devote all one's time and thought to the subject of dress" " Getting ready to be married " The incident of the widow who mourned so deeply " that her veil reached to the hem of her dress " Suggestions as to consistency Chapter III. General Care of the Person Cosmetics The art of washing one's face Frowning an ugly habit The care of the face and hands General care of the teeth Hair; the beauty of grey hair Thorough vanity of tight lacing Wear a shoe that is "just right " Selecting effective materials for dress OCCUPATIONS FOR WOMEN. Chapter I Woman's Sphere" No head for business "Every thorough housekeeper learns three trades-What the world is suffering for-'' Getting along''-Girls should be edu- cateded to be self-supporting, in case of necessity-The " bitter bread of charity " Chapter II.

Do not "wait for something to turn up"- Promptly do that you are best fitted for-Can you do nothing well? Contrast of fiction and fact- Fanciful stories of the heroine, in business life as a mascot-- No royal road to success Suggestions on silk culture Various occupations Chapter III Advice to Young Women-All that a mother can do-False views of life exposed- "Homely hints to young women in business "-The girl at the telephone- Oh! Nicholas -The home of Marion Harland - Miss.

Booth and Harper's Bazar -Mrs. Whitney and her delightful stories-Mr. Howells-Miss Alcott and her marvelous success-" Josiah Allen's Wife "Sunshine Land Chapter XII CHARITIES and OPPORTUNITIES Mrs. Stewart's hotel for working-women, why it failed -- Women's Christian Ass. Its aim to give home & protection- a pathetic story- summer recreation-night schools-Frances Willard's noble self sacrifice- Her glorious work-poor young artist-the 2 sewing girls-the Medico-chirurgical hospital- Florence Nightingale and sister Dora-The pathetic struggles of working-girls plus the conclusion - including: the wife in India- destruction of female infants in China- moral degradation of women in Turkey- Plato's opinion of women -T. De Witt Talmage's beautiful tribute to woman as Queen of Home & a few more. The item "RARE VICTORIAN BOOK HOME DECOR GAMES ETIQUETTE DRESS HOUSEKEEPING JOBS 4 WOMEN" is in sale since Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

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Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women   Rare Victorian Book Home Decor Games Etiquette Dress Housekeeping Jobs 4 Women