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RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c

RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c
RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c
RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c
RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c
RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c
RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c
RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c
RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c
RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c
RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c
RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c
RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c

RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c    RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c

Note: Many of my clients are expert chefs and food service professionals, homemakers, and aspiring Chopped Champions seeking detailed information about their preferred fields of cuisine. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book. In this Book (Partial Only, See Full Contents In Main Description Below): Mrs. Beetons Book of Household Management Antique Cookbook Cooking Cookery Cook Guide Domestic Economy Recipes Receipts Instruction Advice Hints Tips How-To Kitchen Housewife Housewifery Vintage Antiquarian Illustrated Meats Chicken Poultry Waterfowl Game Birds Fish Shellfish Seafood Sauces Gravies Pastes Puddings Soups Vegetables Cakes Pies Desserts Tea Dishes Sweet Dishes Pastry Bread Buns Muffins Biscuits Jellies Jam Preserves Butter Milk Cream Cheese Eggs Macaroni Sugar Syrup Candy Tea Coffee Beverages Vinegar Catsup Pickles Fruits Wines Liqueurs Seasonings Ice Cream Ices Rice Dishes Casseroles Roasting Frying Baking Boiling Broiling Sautees Fricassees Kitchen Pantry Cuisine Chef Cook Food Preparation Carving Mrs.

Beeton Receipts Antique Stove Utensils Breakfast Lunch Luncheon Dinner Household Domestic Economy Servants Housekeeper Housekeeping European International Cooking American British French German Italian Vegetables Fruit Dairy Produce Ham Bacon Entrees Provisions Desserts Pastry Sweet Confectionery Ice Cream Broth Consomme Crab Lobster Shrimp Herbs Sauces Gravy Juice Jelly Mutton Pork Turkey Steak Sugar Frosting Filling Breakfast Lunch Luncheon Dinner Repast Menu Bills of Fare Meals Entrees Bread Puddings Desserts Sauces Eggs Seafood Fish Meat Steaks Beef Soups Vegetables Souffle Confectionery Appetizers Side Dishes Salads Muffins Cakes Pies Pastry Custard Biscuits Ice Cream Sandwiches Boiling Broiling Roasting Baking Fricassee Christmas Dinner Fruit Jellies Preserves Preserving Pickling Marmalades Trussing Vegetarian Vegan Recipes Legumes Cookies Jumbles Blancmange Bread Beetons Wine Making Alcohol Spirits Liquor Drinks Alcoholic Beverages Boiling Broiling Cooking Vessels Utensils Preserves Preserving Butler Servants Coachman Dairy Maid Footman Groom Housemaids Ladys Maid Laundry Maid Mistress Nurse Nursemaids. THE QUEEN OF ANTIQUE COOKBOOKS! Comprising Information for the Mistress, Housekeeper, Cook, Kitchen-Maid, Butler, Footman, Coachman, Valet, Upper and Under House Maids, Ladys Maid, Maid-Of-All-Work, Laundry Maid, Nurse and Nurse-Maid, Monthly, Wet and Sick Nurses, Etc. Also Sanitary, Medical, and Legal Memoranda.

With a History of the Origin, Properties and Uses of All Things Connected with Home Life and Comfort. THE BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT. Entirely New Edition, Revised, Corrected, With New Coloured Engravings.

Published in 1869 by Ward, Lock, Bowden & Co. Two Hundred and Seventy-Seventh Thousand. 8 x 5 quarter-leather binding decorated with gilt. Illustrated with color engravings and black and white text illustrations. 1139 pages, plus advertisements 2.75 thick! Condition: VERY GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Beautiful original exterior as shown in photos. Text is clean and complete, with age-typical foxing. No torn, loose or missing pages. All plates present and in good condition. NOTE: I recently acquired a wonderful collection of antique cookbooks, receipts books, etc. If you love to collect these old volumes of cookery, "domestic economy, " formularies, etc. I urge you to visit my auctions frequently to see what each new day brings.

Thank you for your interest in my books. This is an early 1869 edition of Mrs. Beetons BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT, a complete and thorough guide to cookery and the domestic management of Victorian households, particularly upper class households. Isabella Mary Beeton was one of the most famous cookery writers who ever lived. Beeton, her legacy persists to this day as her books, first published in the 1860s, are still avidly sought by collectors and modern cooks.

Though her rise to fame was meteoric, Mrs. Beetons career was unfortunately short-lived: on the day after the birth of her fourth child, in January 1865, Mrs. Beeton contracted puerperal fever and died a week later, at the young age of 28.

Beetons BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT is a prime collection of literally hundreds of cooking recipes and household receipts. The bulk of the book is devoted to cookery, which was Mrs.

Its a gold mine of recipes for meats, poultry, game, fish and shellfish, soups, vegetables, breads, cakes and pies, puddings, pastry, sweet dishes and more If you were to try one recipe a day, every day, it would literally take you years to cook your way through Mrs. Beetons BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT. THE BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT also contains complete illustrated menus for every dining occasion, whether with the family or when entertaining guests everything from a quiet breakfast to a gala ball.

There are also chapters on table decoration, floral arrangements for the table, how to construct a Venetian villa or Chinese pagoda out of sugar paste, and much more. The household hierarchy is also explained in detail, starting with the role of the Mistress of the House as the Commander of an Army. Servants daily dress, comportment and responsibilities are all discussed at length, as are the roles of governess and nursemaid.

First aid and medical treatments are also included in the chapter for the sick nurse and homeopathist. THE BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT is profusely illustrated with delightful engravings and other illustrations, including many full-color, full-page plates. Obviously this book is a must-have for anyone seriously interested in the arts of cookery and domestic economy, but its also a social document in the sense that it attests to and vividly describes a way of life that is now all but extinct, a time when the upper classes had legions of servants at their beck and call, waiting upon their every need.

Out of this age of grandeur and ostentatious displays of wealth Mrs. Beetons BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT was born, a volume as rich and grandiose as the Victorian era itself. To give you a better idea of all the mouth-watering recipes and other 19th-century know-how waiting for you in Mrs. Beetons BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT, I have included some additional details below.

The following summary of Contents was originally prepared for an 1888 edition of MRS. I modified the 1888 summary to reflect the chapters as they appear in this 1869 edition.

Regarding the individual recipes listed, I do not pretend that the summary below is an exact inventory of those found in this antique 1869 edition, but it is strongly representative. You will also find many of the actual illustrations from this 1869 edition, including the color plates. I hope you will take a few moments to have a look. CHAPTER THREE ARRANGEMENT AND ECONOMY OF THE KITCHEN: Stoves, utensils, pots and pans, moulds, canisters, knives, kettles, etc.

CHAPTER FOUR INTRODUCTION TO COOKERY: In the Fine Arts Excellence in the Art of Cookery Cookery and the Artificial Preparation of Food Science of Cookery Everyday Science Reasons for Cooking Action of Heat Combination of Foods Carbonates and Salts Starch and Floury Foods Fat Albumenoids Flesh Formers Six Methods of Cookery Rules for Broiling Meat Baking Roasting Boiling Stewing Frying Dry Frying Fat for Frying Adulteration Prices of Food Diet Cost and Economy. CHAPTER FIVE SOUPS GENERAL DIRECTIONS FOR MAKING SOUPS: Soup Meat Lean, juicy beef, mutton and veal Thickening or Liaisons for Soups For Flavouring For Seasoning The Flesh of Animals Health of Animals Quality of Meat for Soup Making The treatment of the animal before it is slaughtered The Chemistry and Economy of Soup Good Soup Makers Clear and Thick Soups How to Extract the Gelatine Vegetable Soups Puree Soups The Basis of All Meat Soups Stock Management of a Household Stock Pot. CHAPTER SIX RECIPES FOR SOUPS: Rich Strong Stock or Grand Bouillon Medium Stock or Bouillon Economical Stock Gravy Stock Clear Stock or Consomme bone Stock White Stock or Blond de Veau Vegetable Stock Fish Stock Browning for Stock How to Clarify Stock Recipe for Almond Soup Recipe for Apple Soup Recipe for Artichoke Soup Recipe for Clear Asparagus Soup Recipe for Aspargus Soup Recipe for Baked Soup Recipe for Barley Soup Recipe for Bean Soup Recipe for Broad Bean Soup Potage a La Bonne Femme Bread Soup Cabbage Soup Recipe for Sago Soup Recipe for Carrot Soup Carrot and Lentil Soup Celery Soup Chantilly Soup Chestnut Soup Cocoanut Soup Cucumber Soup Egg Soup Flemish Soup Julienne Soup Leek Soup Cock a Leekie Macaroni Soup Soup without Meat Lentil Soup Milk Soup Onion Soup Cheap Onion Soup Pan Kail Parsnip Soup Pea Soup, Green Pea Soup, Yellow Pea Soup Potato Soup Pomeranian Soup Princes Soup Spring Soup Rice Soup Sago Soup Semolina Soup Solferino Soup Spinach Soup Tomato Soup Turnip Soup Vegetable Marrow Soup Vegetable Soup (5 Recipes) Vermicelli Soup White Soup Meat, Poultry and Game Soups Brilla Soup Custard Soup Calves Tails Soup Chicken Soup Cottage Soup Giblet Soup Gravy Soup Hare Soup Haricot Soup Hessian Soup Hunters Soup Imperial Soup Mock Turtle Soup Clear Mock Turtle Soup Mulligatawny Soup Mulligatawny Soup Made with Australian Meat Mutton Broth Ox Cheek Soup Ox Tail Soup Partridge Soup Pheasant Soup Puree of Wood Pigeon Portable Soup Rabbit Soup Sheeps Head Soup Soup a la Reine Soup a la Reine Victoria Stew Soup Transparent Soup Turkey Soup Turtle Soup Hodge Podge Pot au Feu a la Gouffe A Better Pot au Feu Another Pot au Feu A Good Family Soup Useful Soup for Benevolent Purposes Another Useful Soup Economical Soup made from Shin of Beef Fish Soups Bouillabaisse Crayfish Soup (3 recipes) Eel Soup Lobster Soup Oyster Soup Prawn Soup Skate Soup.

CHAPTER SEVEN THE NATURAL HISTORY OF FISHES: Fishes in Natural History Fish as an Article of Human Food Fish Used by the Ancients Love for Fish Amongst the Romans From Rome to Gaul From Gaul to Briton Fish as an Article of Diet Fish as Food Dohertys Description Crimping How to Choose Fish Fish in Season Preserved Fish Shell Fish Reptiles as Food General Directions for Dressing Fish In Dressing Fish Keeping Fish Garnishing Fish Table of Relative Prices of Fish. CHAPTER EIGHT RECIPES FOR COOKING FISH: Fried Anchovies Anchovy Butter Barbel Brill a la Conti Brill Stewed Carp Fried Carp Baked Carp Stewed Carp Cods Head and Shoulders Cod Fish Salt Fish in Cream Salt Fish and Parsnips Salt Cod Cod Roe Cod Pie Curried Cod Cod with Cream Cod with Bechamel Sauce Cod with Maitre dHotel Butter Cod with Italian Sauce Cod Sounds Cod Sounds a la Maitre dHotel Cod Sounds with Piquante Sauce Cod Sounds with French Sauce Cod Sounds en Poule How to Dress Crab Crab Dressed Crab Salad Hot Crab Potted Crab or Lobster Crayfish Potted Crayfish John Dory Boiled Eels Stewed Eels Fried Eels Eel Pie Conger Eel Collared Eel Eels with Tartar Sauce Matelote of Eels Fish with Cream Sauce Fish and Oyster Pie Fish Pie Fish Cake Fish Cakes from Tinned Salmon Boiled Flounders Fried Flounders Broiled Flounders Gudgeons Gurnet or Gurnard Baked Haddock Boiled Haddock Dried Haddock Red Herrings or Yarmouth Bloaters Baked White Herrings Potted Herrings Kegeree How to Boil Lobsters Hot Lobster Lobster Salad Lobster a la Mode Francaise How to Dress Lobsters Devilled Lobster Mayonnaise of Lobster Potted Lobster Ling Baked Mackerel Boiled Mackerel Broiled Mackerel Fillets of Mackerel Pickled Mackerel Grey Mullet Red Mullet in Cases Red Mullet with Tartar Sauce Devilled Oysters Fried Oysters Oyster Fritters Scalloped Oysters Egg and Oyster Omelet Oyster Sausages Stewed Oysters Oyster Patties How to Keep Oysters Oysters in Fried Batter Boiled Perch Fried Perch Perch Stewed with Wine Baked Pike Boiled Pike Fried Plaice Stewed Plaice How to Boil Prawns or Shrimps How to Dress Prawns Boiled Salmon Salmon and Caper Sauce Collared Salmon Crimped Salmon Salmon Cutlets Salmon with Genevese Sauce Pickled Salmon Potted Salmon Mayonnaise of Salmon Salmon Jelly Fried Salmon Scallops Baked Sea Bream How to dress Shad Baked Shad Boiled Shad with Dutch Sauce Buttered Prawns or Shrimps Potted Prawns or Shrimps Potted Shrimps Boiled Skate Crimped Skate Skate with Caper Sauce Small Skate, Fried How to Bake Smelts How to Fry Smelts Potted Smelts Baked Soles Boiled Soles Soles with Cream Sauce Fried Soles Fried Filleted Soles Filleted Soles with Italian Sauce Filleted Soles or Plaice Fricasseed Soles Soles with Mushrooms Sprats Dried Sprats How to Preserve Sprats Baked Sturgeon Roast Sturgeon Matelot of Tench Tench Stewed with Wine Stewed Trout Trout with Spanish Sauce Boiled Turbot Garnish for Turbot Baked Fillets of Turbot Fillets of Turbot with Italian Sauce Turbot with Cream Sauce Turbot au Gratin Boiled Whiting Broiled Whiting Fried Whiting Baked Whiting Baked Whiting with Sweet Herbs How to Dress Whitebait Fish Pie of Tench and Eels Fish Scallop Fish Stew An Excellent Re-serve from Cold Fish Fish Macaroni Fish Entrees Lobster Cream Curried Lobster Lobster Cuurry (2 recipes) Lobster Cutlets (3 recipes) Lobster Patties Lobster Ragout Vol au Vent of Oysters Curried Prawns Curried Salmon Cods Head and Shoulders How to Cut Up a Lobster How to Cut up Mackerel How to Cut Up Salmon How to Cut up Boiled for Fried Sole How to Cut Up Turbot How to Cut Up Whiting.

CHAPTER NINE SAUCES, PICKLES, GRAVIES AND FORCEMEATS - GENERAL REMARKS. CHAPTER TEN RECIPES FOR MAKING SAUCES, PICKLES, GRAVIES AND FORCEMEATS: Gravy Making General Stock for Gravies A Good Beef Gravy for Poultry, Game, &c Brown Gravy Brown Gravy without Meat Browning for Gravies and Sauces A Cheap Gravy for Hashes Gravy Made without Meat for Fowls Gravy for Roast Meat Gravy for Venison Jugged Gravy A Quickly Made Gravy Rich Gravy for Hashes, Ragouts, &c Veal Gravy for White Sauces, Fricassees Forcemeats and Stuffings Forcemeat Balls for Fish Soups Forcemeat for Cold Savoury Pies Forcemeat for Pike, Carp, Haddock and Various Kinds of Fish Forcemeat for Veal, Turkeys, Fowls, Hare Forcemeat for Baked Pike French Forcemeat Panada Boiled Calfs udder for French forcemeats Quenelles of Veal Forcemeat or Quenelles for Turtle Soup Oyster Forcemeat for Roast or Boiled Turkey Sausage Meat Stuffing for Turkey Sage and Onion Stuffing Soyers Recipe for Goose Stuffing General Directions for Sauces Sauces Garnishing Simple Sauces Thickening for Sauces Eggs in Sauces Vegetable Sauces Utensils for Sauce Making Colouring for Sauce Stock for Sauce Butter for Sauce Well Known Sauces Flavouring for Sauces The preparation and appearance of sauces and gravies Sauces should possess a decided character Gravies and sauces should be sent to table very hot Anchovy Sauce Apple Sauce Brown Apple Sauce Apricot Sauce Arrowroot Sauce Asparagus Sauce Aspic or Ornamental Savoury Jelly Aspic Jelly Bacon Sauce or Potato Sauce French White Sauce French White Sauce without Meat Benton Sauce Blonde Sauce Bordelaise Sauce Brandy Sauce Bread Sauce Browned Butter Clarified Butter Butter Melted Melted Butter (3 recipes) Melted Butter made with Milk Sauce for Calfs Head Caper Sauce A Substitute for Caper Sauce Carrot Sauce Cayenne Vinegar Celery Sauce Celery and White Sauce Sauce Chandeau Cherry Sauce Chestnut Sauce Brown Chestnut Sauce Chili Vinegar Chocolate Sauce Christopher Norths Sauce Crab Sauce for Fish Cream Sauce Cucumber Sauce Sauce of Dried Currants Custard Sauce Dark Sauce Dutch Sauce Green Dutch Sauce Eel Sauce Egg Balls Egg Sauce Epicurean Sauce Fennel Sauce Financiere Sauce Genevese Sauce German Sauce Gooseberry Sauce Glaze for covering Cold Hams, Tongues, &c Green Sauce Lemon Brandy Lemon Sauce Lemon White Sauce Lemon Sauce No 2 Liver and Lemon Sauce Liver and Parsley Lobster Sauce Maitre dHotel Butter Maitre dHotel Sauce Matelote Sauce Matelote Sauce Mayonnaise Milk Sauce Mint Sauce White Mushroom Sauce Brown Mushroom Sauce A Very Rich and Good Mushroom Sauce How to Mix Mustard Tartar Mustard Mustard Sauce Olive Sauce Sauce of Olives French Onion Sauce White Onion Sauce Brown Onion Sauce Sauce of Oranges Oyster Sauce Parsley and Butter Fried Parsley for Garnishing Parsley Juice Plum Pudding Sauce Soyers Sauce for Plum Pudding Poivrade Sauce Quins Sauce Raspberry Sauce French Salad Sauce Robert Sauce Sagina Sauce Salad Dressing French Salad Dressing Two Salad Dressing Recipes Sardine Sauce Sauce a lAurore Sharp Sauce A Good Sauce for Various Boiled Puddings Savoury Jelly for Meat Pies Shrimp Sauce Spanish Sauce Spanish Sauce without Meat Brown Spanish Sauce Spinach Green Hot Spice Supreme Sauce Sweet Sauce Tartare Sauce Tomato Sauce Tortue Sauce Tournee Sauce Valois Sauce Glace de Volaille Vanilla Custard Sauce Sauce for Wild Fowl Wine Sauce Wine or Brandy Sauce Simple Wine Sauce White Sauce (3 recipes) White Cullis Brown Flour White Roux White Stock Zwetschen Sauce Meat Essences Essence of Chicken Essence of Pheasant Essence of Truffles Essence of Meat and Vegetables Croutons and Fried Bread Crumbs. CHAPTER ELEVEN VARIOUS MODES OF COOKING MEAT: General Remarks Brillat Savarin Subsequently to the Croat Mode The Inhabitants of the Marian Islands Fire having been discovered Meat, then, placed on burning fuel Mode of Cooking Meat in this Country Interesting Facts The Juice of Flesh is Water During the operations of Boiling, Roasting and Baking Baking The Difference between Roasting Meat and Baking All Dishes Prepared for Baking Boiling The Temperature at which Water Boils The Scum which rises to the surface Doherty's description The time allowed for the operation of boiling A few observations on the Nutritive Value of Salted Meat The vessels used for boiling The Hot Plate Broiling Utensils used for Broiling Frying Philosophy of Frying Utensils used for Frying Roasting Kitchens in large establishments The Bottle-jack White Meats, and the Meats of Young Animals Mutton and Beef Choosing Meat Disease Parasites Putrefaction How to choose Good Meat Inferior Meat Fat Meat. CHAPTER THIRTEEN RECIPES FOR COOKING BEEF: Baked Beef Baked Beef Steak Pudding Beef a la Mode Beef Steak and Oyster Sauce Beef Steak Pie Beef Steak and Kidney Pudding Roast Beef Pudding Potato Pasty Beef Steaks with Fried Potato Boiled Aitchbone of Beef Boiled Round of Beef Soyers Recipe for Preserving the Gravy in Salt Meat Beef Cake Broiled Beef Steaks or Rump Steaks Broiled Beef and Mushroom Sauce Broiled Beef and Oyster Sauce Broiled Beef Bones How to Dress a Bullocks Heart Bubble-and-Squeak Collared Beef Beef Collops Curried Beef How to Clarify Beef Dripping Beef Dripping Fricandeau of Beef Fricassee of Beef Fried Salt Beef Fried Rumpsteak Beef Fritters Hashed Beef How to Prepare Hung Beef Hunters Beef How to Dress Beef Kidney Beef Kidney Devilled Liver Roasted Liver Boiled Marrow Bones Moulded Mincemeat Minced Beef Miroton of Beef Stewed Ox Cheek Fried Ox Feet or Cow Heel Stewed Ox Tails Beef Patties A Pickle for Beef or Tongues Potted Beef Rib of Beef Bones Rolled Beef Beef Rolls Miniature Round of Beef Brisket of Beef Beef Pickle How to Pickle part of a round of Beef for hanging Beef Ragout Roast Ribs of Beef Sea Pie Roast Sirloin of Beef How to Salt Beef The Dutch Way to Salt Beef Beef Sausages Beef Steak Sliced and Broiled Beef Spiced Beef Stewed Beef and Celery Sauce Stewed Beef with Oysters Stewed Brisket of Beef Stewed Rump of Beef Stewed Beef Stewed Shin of Beef Toad-in-the-Hole Boiled Tongue How to Cure Tongue How to Cure Tongues Potted Ox Tongue How to Pickle and Dress a Tongue to Eat Cold Potted Head How to Dress Tripe Roast Fillet of Beef Minced Collops Beef Rissoles Beef Olives Broiled Ox Tail How to Dress Beef Palates Sirloin of Beef A Round of Beef.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON THE SHEEP AND LAMB: The value of the Sheep New Zealand Mutton Mutton Price of Meat Season For Mutton Relative Cost The Mode of Slaughtering Sheep Manner of Cutting Up Lambs The Lambing Season in this Country Lamb Mode of Cutting Up Lamb Table of the Relative Value of Various Parts of Mutton Table Giving Weight of Bone, Skin and Waste in Joints of Mutton Table on the Relative Value of Various Parts of Lamb Table Giving Weight of Bone, Skin and Waste in Joints of Lamb. CHAPTER FIFTEEN RECIPES FOR COOKING MUTTON AND LAMB: Baked Minced Mutton Boiled Breast of Mutton and Caper Sauce Boiled Leg of Mutton Boned Leg of Mutton, Stuffed Brain and Tongue Pudding Braised Fillet of Mutton, with French Beans Braised Leg of Mutton An Excellent Way to Cook a Breast of Mutton Broiled Mutton and Tomato Sauce Broiled Mutton Chops China Chilo Curried Mutton Cutlets of Cold Mutton Dormers Poached Eggs and Mutton or Beef Yesterdays Meat Dish Haricot Mutton Scotch Haggis Hashed Mutton Sheeps Hearts Roasted Hodge-Podge Irish Stew Kidney Toast Broiled Kidneys Fried Kidneys Roast Haunch of Mutton Roast Leg of Mutton Roast Loin of Mutton Rolled Loin of Mutton Boiled Neck of Mutton Mutton Collops Mutton Pie Mutton Pudding Ragout of Cold Neck of Mutton Roast Neck of Mutton Roast Saddle of Mutton Roast Shoulder of Mutton Sheeps Feet or Trotters Squab Pie How to Dress a Sheeps Head Lamb Chops Lambs Fry Hashed Lamb and Broiled Bladebone Roast Forequarter of Lamb Boiled Leg of Lamb with Bechamel Sauce Roast Leg of Lamb Braised Loin of Lamb Roast Saddle of Lamb Roast Shoulder of Lamb Shoulder of Lamb, Stuffed Mutton and Lamb Entrees Mutton Croquettes Mutton Cutlets with Mashed Potatoes Mutton Cutlets Stewed Kidneys Italian Mutton Cutlets Sheeps Brains with Matelote Sauce Lamb and Cucumbers Lamb Cutlets and Spinach Lambs Sweetbreadsd, Larded, and Asparagus Another Way to Dress Sweetbreads General Directions for Carving Mutton and Lamb Haunch of Mutton Leg of Mutton Loin of Mutton Saddle of Mutton Shoulder of Mutton Forequarter of Lamb. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN RECIPES FOR COOKING PORK: Pork Cutlets Hashed Pork Fried Rashers of Bacon and Poached Eggs Broiled Rashers of Bacon Boiled Bacon How to Cure Bacon in the Wiltshire Way For Curing Bacon, and Keeping Free from Rust How to Bake a Ham How to Boil a Ham How to Boil a Ham to Give it Excellent Flavour Ham Toast Fried Ham and Eggs Potted Ham For Curing Hams How to Salt Two Hams How to Cure Sweet Hams in the Westmoreland Way How to Pickle Hams How to Smoke Hams and Fish at Home How to Cure Bacon or Hams in the Devonshire Way Curing of Hams and Bacon Collared Pigs Face How to Dress Pigs Fry How to Make Lard Boiled Leg of Pork Roast Griskin of Pork Larding Roast Loin of Pork How to Cure Pigs Cheeks Pigs Liver Pigs Pettitoes How to Pickle Pork How to Boil Pickled Pork Pork Pies Little Raised Pork Pies How to make Brawn How to make Sausages Fried Sausages Sausage Meat Cakes How to Scald a Sucking Pig Roast Sucking Pig General Directions for Carving Pork How to Carve a Sucking Pig How to Carve a Ham How to Carve a Leg of Pork. CHAPTER EIGHTEEN GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON THE CALF: Veal How to Choose Veal Slaughtering The Several Parts of a Moderately-sized, well-fed Calf The Manner of Cutting Up Veal Table of the Relative Value of Various Parts of Veal Table Giving Weight of Bone, Skin and Waste in Joints of Veal.

CHAPTER NINETEEN RECIPES FOR COOKING VEAL: Baked Veal Roast Breast of Veal Stewed Breast of Veal and Peas Veal Cake Veal Galantine Fricasseed Calfs Feet Collared Calfs Head Capital Dish from Cold Veal or Fowl Moulded Calfs Head Curried Veal Stewed Veal Scotch Collops Scotch Collops, White Roast Fillet of Veal Stewed Fillet of Veal Boiled Calfs Head Hashed Calfs Head Boiled Calfs Head, Hashed Calfs Head Pie Calfs Liver with Sweet Herbs and Sharp Sauce Calfs Liver and Bacon Liver Sausages Fillet of Veal with Bechamel Sauce How to Ragout a Knuckle of Veal Stewed Knuckle of Veal and Rice Roast Loin of Veal Loin of Veal with Bechamel Sauce Loin of Veal a la Daube Minced Veal with Bechamel Sauce Minced Veal Minced Veal and Macaroni Moulded Minced Veal Braised Neck of Veal Roast Neck of Veal Veal Olive Pie Fried Patties Veal Patties Veal and Ham Pie Veal, Ham and Liver Pie Potted Veal Ragout of Cold Veal Shoulder of Veal, Stuffed and Stewed Veal Sausages Stewed Veal with Peas, Young Carrots and New Potatoes Calfs Ears Fricasseed Calfs Head Curried Veal Veal Cutlets Broiled Veal Cutlets with Italian Sauce Veal Cutlets Fricandeau of Veal Veal Collops Calfs Liver Larded and Roasted Veal Rissoles Veal Rolls Baked Sweetbreads Fried Sweetbreads Stewed Sweetbreads Stewed Veal Tendons Hashed Calfs Head General Directions for Carving Veal Breast of Veal Calfs Head Fillet of Veal Loin of Veal Knuckle of Veal. CHAPTER TWENTY GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON BIRDS: Birds as food How to choose Poultry How to keep Poultry. CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE RECIPES FOR COOKING POULTRY: Chicken or Fowl Pie Bachelors Chicken Pie Potted Chicken or Fowl Chicken or Fowl Salad Chicken with Rice and Tomatoes Ducks and Red Cabbage Ducks and Carrots How to Ragout a Duck Whole Hashed Duck Roast Duck Stewed Duck and Peas Stewed Duck and Turnips Boiled Fowls or Chickens Boiled Fowl and Rice Boiled Fowls Boiled Fowl Broiled Fowl and Mushroom Sauce Broiled Fowl Fowl a la Marengo Fried Fowls Roast Fowl A German Method of Roasting Fowl Mayonnaise of Fowl Fowl Pillau Fowl with Watercresses Roast Fowl or Capon, Stuffed Giblet Pie Hashed Goose Roast Goose Goose Hams How to Dress a Green Goose Roast Guinea Fowl, larded Roast Larks Grilled Pigeons Pigeon Pie Stewed Pigeons Boiled Rabbit Fried Rabbit Rabbit a la Minute Rabbit Pie Ragout of Rabbit or Hare Roast or Baked Rabbit Stewed Rabbit Stewed Rabbit, Larded Boiled Turkey Devilled Turkey, dry Devilled Turkey, wet Hashed Turkey Roast Turkey Roast Turkey Poult How to Bone a Turkey or Fowl without Opening It Another Mode of Boning a Turkey or Fowl How to Bone Fowls How to Dress Wheatears Chicken or Partridge Cream Orange Gravy for Wild Fowl, Widgeon, Teal, &c Chaudfroid of Chicken Chicken Cutlets French Chicken Cutlets Chicken or Fowl Patties Chickens Fried Curried Fowl Curried Fowl or Chicken Curried Fowl Fricasseed Fowl or Chicken Fricassee of Fowl Fricasseed Fowl Minced Fowl with Bechamel Sauce Ragout of Fowl Fowl and Rice Croquettes Croquettes of Fowl Hashed Fowl Minced Fowl Hashed Fowl, Indian Fashion Fowl Scollops An Indian Dish of Fowl Fowl Saute with Peas Boudin a la Reine Vol Au Vent of Chicken Lark Pie Salmi of Larks Curried Rabbit Croquettes of Turkey Fricasseed Turkey General Directions for Carving Poultry How to Carve a Roast Duck How to Carve a Boiled Fowl How to Carve a Roast Fowl How to Carve a Roast Goose How to Carve a Pigeon How to Carve a Roast Turkey How to Carve Rabbits.

CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON GAME: The Exercise or Diversion of Pursuing Four-footed Beasts or Game That hunting has in many instances been carried to an excess Deer and hares The Art of Taking or Killing Birds The Wild Birds Season for Game How to Keep Game How to Choose Game. CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE RECIPES FOR COOKING GAME: Roast Black Cock Roast Wild Duck Potted Game Grouse Pie Roast Grouse Grouse Salad Roast Hare Potted Hare Broiled Hare Roast Landrail or Corn Crake How to Dress a Leveret Broiled Partridge Partridge Pie Potted Partridge Roast Partridge Roast Pheasant Brillat Savarins Recipe for Roast Pheasant Broiled Pheasant How to Dress Plovers Roast Ptarmigans How to Dress Quails How to Dress Snipes Potted Snipes Roast Ortolans Roast Teal Roast Haunch of Venison Hashed Venison Potted Venison Stewed Venison Roast Widgeon Roast Woodcock Game Entrees Fillets of Blackcock a la Financiere Hashed Wild Duck Ragout of Wild Duck Rissolettes or Croquettes of Hare Hashed Game Hashed Hare Jugged Hare Ortolans a la Provencale Hashed Partridges Pheasant Cutlets General Directions for Carving Game How to Carve Blackcock How to Carve Wild Duck How to Carve Roast Hare How to Carve Grouse How to Carve Partridge How to Carve Pheasant How to Carve Snipe How to Carve Haunch of Venison How to Carve Woodcock How to Carve Landrail How to Carve Ptarmigan How to Carve Quail How to Carve Teal How to Carve Widgeon.

CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON VEGETABLES. CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE RECIPES FOR COOKING VEGETABLES: Boiled Artichokes Fried Artichokes A French Mode of Cooking Artichokes Artichokes with Mushroom Sauce Boiled Jerusalem Artichokes Mashed Jerusalem Artichokes Jerusalem Artichokes with White Sauce Fried Artichokes Boiled Asparagus Asparagus and Eggs Asparagus Peas Asparagus Pudding Asparagus Rolls Boiled French Beans French Mode of Cooking French Beans Boiled Broad or Windsor Beans Broad Beans a la Poulette Golden Beans Boiled Beetroot Boiled Broccoli Boiled Brussels Sprouts How to Boil Young Greens or Sprouts Boiled Cabbage Boiled Cabbage a la Walters Stewed Red Cabbage Boiled Carrots How to Dress Carrots in the German Way A Nice Way of Dressing New Carrots Stewed Carrots Carrots for Garnish Carrots Boiled Cauliflowers Cauliflowers a la Sauce Blanche Cauliflowers with Parmesan Cheese Celery Stewed Celery Stewed Celery with White Sauce Stewed Celery Baked Cucumbers How to Dress Cucumbers Cucumbers for Garnish Fried Cucumbers Stewed Cucumbers Stewed Cucumbers with Onions Endive Stewed Endive How to Boil White Haricot Beans Haricots a la Bonne Femme Beans with Parsley Sauce Haricot Beans and Minced Onions Herb Pancakes Horseradish Lettuces Broiled Mushrooms How to Preserve Mushrooms Stewed Mushrooms Stewed Mushrooms in Gravy Boiled Parsnips Boiled Green Peas Stewed Green Peas Pease Pudding Baked Potatoes How to Boil Potatoes Irish and Best Way to Boil Potatoes How to Boil Potatoes in their Jackets Fried Potatoes A German Method of Cooking Potatoes Potatoes with Parsley Sauce Mashed Potatoes Potato Snow How to dress Salsify Boiled Sea Kale Boiled Salad Red Cabbage Salad Winter Salad Potato Salad Sorrel Garnish How to boil Spinach Spinach Dressed with Cream Spinach with Brown Gravy Baked Tomatoes Baked Tomatoes Tomatoes Stuffed Stewed Tomatoes Truffles How to Dress Truffles with Champagne Italian Mode of Dressing Truffles Truffles with Italian Sauce Boiled Turnips Mashed Turnips German Mode of Cooking Turnips Turnips in White Sauce Boiled Turnip Greens Boiled Vegetable Marrow Fried Vegetable Marrow Cut Vegetables for Soups Vegetable Marrows in White Sauce Boiled Indian Wheat or Maize.

CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON PUDDINGS AND PASTRY: Directions to be observed in making Puddings and Pastry A few general remarks Butter, Lard and Suet Dripping Dried Fruit Sugar Eggs Spices In Pastry Making Strict Cleanliness In Mixing Paste The Art of Making Paste To ascertain when the Oven is Heated All Boiled Puddings Cleanliness The Ingredients for Puddings. CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN RECIPES FOR PUDDINGS AND PASTRY: Very Good Puff Paste Medium Puff Paste Common Paste for Family Use French Puff Paste Soyers Recipe for Puff Paste Suet Crust Pate Brisee or French Crust Common Crust Excellent Crust for Raised Pies Lard or Flead Crust How to Glaze Pastry How to Ice Pastry Almond Cheesecakes Almond Paste Baked Almond Pudding Amber Pudding Baked Apple Dumplings Boiled Apple Dumplings Rich Baked Apple Pudding Baked Apple Pudding Rich Sweet Apple Pudding Boiled Apple Pudding Apple Tart or Pie Creamed Apple Tart Apple Snowballs Apple Cake Alma Pudding Baked Apricot Pudding Apricot Tart Baked or Boiled Arrowroot Pudding Apricot Souffle A Bachelors Pudding Baked Pudding Bakewell Pudding Baked Batter Pudding Boiled Batter Pudding Orange Batter Pudding Baked Bread Pudding Brandy Pudding Very Plain Bread Pudding Boiled Bread Pudding Brown Bread Pudding Miniature Bread Pudding A Nice Bread Pudding Baked Bread and Butter Pudding Brown Pudding Beignets Souffles Cabinet or Chancellors Pudding A Plain Cabinet or Boiled Bread and Butter Pudding Canary Pudding Baked or abcxs Boiled Carrot Pudding Caramel Pudding Royal Coburg Pudding Corn Flour Pudding Cherry Tart Chocolate Pudding Cocoanut Pie Codling Tart Cold Pudding College Pudding Cracker Pie Comarques Pudding Currant Dumplings Boiled Currant Pudding Black or Red Currant Pudding Red Currant or Raspberry Tart Baked Custard Pudding Boiled Custard Pudding Custard Pudding Damson Tart Damson Pudding Delhi Pudding Empress Pudding Exeter Pudding Fig Pudding Floating Pudding Folkestone Pudding Pies Duchesse Cake Chocolate Icing Fruit Turnovers German Pudding Dampfnudeln or German Pudding Ginger Pudding Gingerbread Pudding Golden Pudding Baked Gooseberry Pudding Boiled Gooseberry Pudding Gooseberry Tart Red Groats Pudding Half-Pay Pudding Herodotus Pudding Hunters Pudding Iced Pudding Iced Apple Pudding Roly Poly Jam Pudding Lemon Cheese-cake That Will Keep French Honey Kaiser Pudding Lemon Tartlets Lemon Cheesecake Lemon Mincemeat Lemon Dumplings Lemon Pie Baked Lemon Pudding Lemon Pudding Boiled Lemon Pudding Plain Lemon Pudding Lentil Pudding Maizena Pudding Manchester Pudding Sweet Macaroni Pudding Macaroni Pudding Manna Kroup Pudding Mansfield Pudding Marlborough Pudding Marmalade and Vermicelli Pudding Marrow Dumplings Baked or Boiled Marrow Pudding Military Pudding Mincemeat Newmarket Pudding Baked Orange Pudding Omnibus Pudding Seville Orange Pudding Orange Tarts Paradise Pudding Baked Plum Pudding An Excellent Plum Pudding without Eggs An Unrivalled Plum Pudding Plum Pudding A Plain Christmas Pudding for Children Christmas Plum Pudding A Pound Plum Pudding Plum Pudding of Fresh Fruit Plum Tart Potato Pudding Prune Tarts Pumpkin Pies Quaking Pudding Queen Mab Pudding Queer Times Pudding Quickly Made Pudding Raised Pie of Poultry or Game Raised Pie of Veal and Ham Baked Rice Pudding Rice Pudding How to Boil Rice a lIndienne Plain Boiled Rice Pudding Boiled Rice Pudding Boiled Rice for Curries How to Boil Rice for Curries Buttered Rice Savoury Casserole of Rice Sweet Casserole of Rice Rice Milk French Rice Pudding Baked or Boiled Ground Rice Pudding Iced Rice Pudding Miniature Rice Puddings Rum Pudding Sago Pudding Sago Sauce for Sweet Pudding Saucer Pudding Savarin Baked Semolina Pudding Shropshire Pudding Sparrows Tapioca Pudding Tapioca Pudding with Apples Tartlets Transparent Pudding Rolled Treacle Pudding Meat or Sausage Rolls Somersetshire Pudding Suet Pudding Pudding a la Venetienne A Nice Suet Pudding Veal Suet Pudding Suffolk or Hard Dumplings Vermicelli Pudding Vicarage Pudding Vol Au Vent Sweet Vol au Vent of Plums, Apples or any other fresh fruit Vol Au Vent of Fresh Strawberries with Whipped Cream Washington Pudding West Indian Pudding Yeast or Norfolk Dumplings Yorkshire Pudding Small Dishes of Pastry for Entrements, Supper Dishes, c Almond Cake Almond Paste Tartlets Almond Flowers Apricot Bouchees Cream Tartlets Custard Tartlets Frangipanni Tart German Puffs Lemon Tarts Pastry Sandwiches Polish Tartlets Open Tart of Strawberry or any other kind of preserve Puff Paste Rings Puff Paste Rings. CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON CREAMS, JELLIES, SOUFFLES, OMELETS AND SWEET DISHES: Cream To make Creams Isinglass and Gelatine Nourishment in Jelly The Clearing of Jelly Rules for Jelly-Making How to make Souffles Omelet Souffles.

CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE RECIPES FOR MAKING CREAMS, JELLIES, &c: Baked Apple Custard Buttered Apples Apples in a Raised Crust Apples a la Parisienne Apple Fool Apple Fritters Iced Apples or Apple Hedgehog Thick Apple Jelly or Marmalade Clear Apple Jelly A Pretty Dish of Apples and Rice Apples a la Portugaise Apples in Red Jelly Apples and Rice Apple Snow Apple Custard Apple Souffle Stewed Apples and Custard Apple Trifle Apricot Cream Compote of Apricots in a Raised Crust Arrow Root Blanc Mange Blancmange A Cheaper Blancmange Bread and Butter Fritters Aspic Jelly Stock for Jellies An Economical Jelly Rum Cream Jelly with Oranges Gelatine Jelly Isinglass Jelly Grape Jelly Golden Jelly How to Mould Bottled Jellies How to Clarify Syrup for Jellies Port Wine Jelly How to use a Jelly Bag Fried Puffs Apple Charlotte An Easy Method of Making an Apple Charlotte A Very Simple Charlotte Charlotte Russe Valois Cream Cream Snow Solid Cream Boiled Custards Cream Eggs Ginger Apples Fritters of Bananas French Pancakes Dutch Flummery Chocolate Souffle Darioles a la Vanille Coffee Cream Coffee Ice Cream Currant Fritters Chocolate Cream Fried Cream Fromage a la Chantilly Fromage a la Crème Indian Fritters Indian Trifle Quickly Made Trifle Italian Cream My Trifle The Hidden Mountains Jaunemange Jelly Moulded with Fresh Fruit Jelly of Two Colours Marbled Jelly Lemon Blancmange Lemon Cream Economical Lemon Cream Lemon Creams Lemon Creams or Custards Lemon Jelly Lemon Sponge Liquor Jelly A Sweet Dish of Macaroni Macaroni and Pineapple Meringues Nouveau Cream Open Jelly with Whipped Cream Orange Custard Orange Jelly Orange Jelly moulded with Slices of Orange How to make a Plain Omelet Omelet au Thon Egg and Oyster Omelet Ham Omelet Kidney Omelet How to make a Plain Sweet Omelet Jam Omelet Omelet Souffles Bachelor Omelet Banana Cream Orange Cream Orange Creams Orange Fritters A Pretty Dish of Oranges How to make Pancakes Pancakes without Eggs Richer Pancakes Pastry Custard or Cream Peach Fritters Stewed Pears Moulded Pears Pineapple Fritters Plain Fritters Orange Croquenbouche Coffee Custard Potato Fritters Raspberry Cream Rice Blancmange Rice Croquettes Rice Fritters Rice Snowballs How to make a Souffle Rice Souffle Snow Eggs Stone Cream of Tous Les Mois Strawberry Jelly Swiss Cream How to make Syllabub Tipsy Cake An Easy Way of Making Tipsy Cake How to make a Trifle Vanilla Cream Victoria Sandwiches Whipped Cream Whipped Syllabubs. CHAPTER THIRTY GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON PRESERVES, CONFECTIONERY, ICES AND DESSERT DISHES. CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE RECIPES FOR MAKING CONFECTIONERY: How To make Syrups for Compotes, &c How to Clarify Sugar for Syrup Candy or Thread Sugar Souffle Sugar Feathered Sugar Crackling Sugar How to boil Sugar to Caramel Compote of Apples Apple Ginger Apple Jam Apple Jelly How to Preserve Apples in Quarters Compote of Apricots Apricot Jam or Marmalade Barberries in Bunches Coloring for Confectionery, Jellies, &c Black Currant Jam Economical Method of Preserving Morella Cherries Black Currant Jelly Red Currant Jam Currant and Raspberry Jam Red Currant Jelly White Currant Jelly Baked Damsons for Winter Use Damson Cheese Compote of Damsons Damson Jam A Very Nice Preserve of Damsons How to Preserve Damsons or any Kind of Plums Compote of Green Figs How to Bottle Fresh Fruit How to Bottle Fresh Fruit with Sugar How to Frost Holly Leaves How to Preserve Green Ginger Bottled Gooseberries for Pastry Compote of Gooseberries Gooseberry Jam White or Green Gooseberry Jam Gooseberry Jelly Grape Jam Compote of Greengages Greengage Jam How to Preserve and Dry Greengages Preserved Greengages in Syrup Iced Currants Preserved Mulberries How to Preserve Morello Cherries Preserved Nectarines Stewed Normandy Pippins Iced Oranges Compote of Oranges Orange Marmalade An Easy Way of Making Orange Marmalade Holgarths Recipe for Marmalade Orange Marmalade made with Honey How to Preserve Oranges Oranges and Lemons Preserved Whole Orange Salad Compote of Peaches Peaches in Brandy Peaches Preserved in Brandy Baked Pears Preserved Pears Stewed Pears Pineapple Chips Preserved Pineapple Plum Jam Preserved Plums How to Preserve Plums Dry Stewed French Plums Preserved Pumpkin Stewed Prunes Quince Jelly Quince Marmalade Preserved Quinces Raisin Cheese Raisine Raspberry Jam Raspberry Jelly Rhubarb Jam Rhubarb and Orange Jam Raspberry and Currant, or any Fresh Fruit Salad Strawberries and Cream Strawberry Jam Preserved Strawberries in Wine How to Preserve Strawberries Whole. CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO ICES - OBSERVATIONS ON FREEZING APPARATUS. CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE RECIPES FOR MAKING ICES, ETC.

How to Freeze with Freezing Mixture How to make Apricot Ice Cream Biscuit Ice Cream Brown Bread Ice Cream Chocolate Ice Cream Coffee Ice Cream Fruit Ice Cream Ginger Ice Cream Mixed Fruit Ice Cream Pineapple Ice Cream Raspberry Ice Cream Strawberry Ice Cream Vanilla Ice Cream Water Ices Cherry Water Ice To make Fruit Water Ices Ginger Water Ice Grape Water Ice Lemon Water Ice Pineapple Water Ice How to Clarify Sugar for Water Ice How to Mould Dessert Ice when Not frozen in the patent moulding pots The Saccharometer. CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON MILK, BUTTER, CHEESE AND EGGS: Milk Milk as it is drawn from the cow Adulterated Milk How to keep Milk Condensed Milk Milk, considered as an aliment Value of Milk Antiquity of Butter Different butters How to make Butter Churning Margarine An Easy Method of Washing the Butter How to Sweeten Rancid Butter Cheese Cheese is the curd of milk The mode of preparation How to choose cheese The principal variety of cheese Eggs Nutritive properties of eggs The eggs of different birds.

CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE RECIPES FOR COOKING CHEESE, EGGS, &c: Separation of Milk and Cream Curds and Whey Devonshire Cream Devonshire Junket How to keep and choose fresh butter How to preserve and choose salt butter Moulded butter How to clarify butter for potting Curled Butter Anchovy butter Lobster Butter Fairy Butter Montpelier Butter Cheese Stilton Cheese Mode of Serving Cheese Cheese Sandwiches Cheese Straws Cayenne Cheeses Rich Cream Cheese How to make a Fondue Cheese Fondue Brillat Savarins Fondue Macaroni Cheese Patties Pounded Cheese Ramequins Cheese Biscuits Toasted Cheese or Scotch Rarebit Toasted Cheese or Welsh Rarebit Welsh Rare-bit Scotch Woodcock How to Choose Eggs Comparative Size of Eggs How to keep Eggs Fresh for Several Weeks Another mode to keep eggs fresh How to boil Eggs for Breakfast, Salads, &c Alpine Eggs Baked Eggs Buttered Eggs Ducks Eggs Fried Eggs Eggs a la Maitre dHotel Oeufs sur le plat, or Au Miroir Overturned Eggs Ox eyes Plovers Eggs Poached Eggs Poached Eggs with Cream Scotch Eggs Eggs with White Sauce Mumbled Eggs Eggs with Mushrooms Curried Eggs Savoury Eggs. CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON BREAD, BISCUITS AND CAKES: Panification, or Bread-Making Yeast Growth of Yeast Home made Yeast How to choose Flour Good flour is dry Loss of Weight in Baking Daily consumption of bread When the dough is well-kneaded New Bread Baking Powder Other acids used Eggs Graham Bread Aerated Bread Mixed Breads General directions The utensils required The Oven A few hints respecting the making and baking of cakes Ingredients for cakes Biscuits Manufacture of Biscuits Price of Bread Table of Relative prices of wheat, flour and bread. CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN RECIPES FOR MAKING BREAD, BISCUITS, &c: RECIPES FOR MAKING BREAD, BISCUITS AND CAKES: How to make Yeast for Bread Kirkleatham Yeast How to make Good Home Made Bread Home Made Bread Unfermented Bread American Bread A Delicious Breakfast Cake How to make a Peck of Bread Rice Bread Indian Corn Flour Bread Baking Powder Bread Excellent Rolls Hot Rolls Nice Rolls How to make Dry Toast How to make Hot Buttered Toast Muffins Chester Muffins Crumpets Plain Buns Hot Cross Buns Bath Buns Light Buns Madeira Buns Victoria Buns Italian Rusks How to make Rusks Almond Icing for Cakes How to ice a Wedding Cake How to ice a Cake Sugar Icing for Cakes Biscuit Powder Arrowroot Biscuits or Drops Boston Breakfast Cakes Nice Breakfast Cakes Cocoanut Biscuits or Cakes Crisp Biscuits Dessert Biscuits Devilled Biscuits Ginger Biscuits Lemon Biscuits Macaroons Ratafias Rice Biscuits or Cakes Rock Biscuits Savoy Biscuits or Cakes Seed Biscuits Simple Hard Biscuits Plain Biscuits Soda Biscuits Virginia Biscuits Aunties Cakes Aunt Betseys Cake Brioches Rich Bride or Christening Cake Christmas Cake Cocoanut Macaroons Coffee Cake Drop Cakes Doughnuts A Nice Useful Cake Dessert Cakes Farmers Fruit Cake Flannel Cakes Frangipane Cake French Cake Fruit Cake Genoese Cake Andrews Gingerbread Honeycomb Gingerbread Rich Sweetmeat Gingerbread Nuts Thick Gingerbread Sunderland Gingerbread Nuts White Gingerbread Holiday Cake Honey Cake Honore Cake Hunting Nuts Indian Meal Flappers Iced Cake Johnny Cake California Jumbles Lemon Cake Lemon Buns Lincoln Cake Luncheon Cake Madeira Cake Marble Cake Icing for Marble Cake Neapolitan Cake A Nice Cake Piccolomini Cake Petits Fours A Nice Plain Cake A Nice Plain Cake for Children Potato Cake Common Plum Cake A Nice Plum Cake Plum Cake Pound Cake A Pavini Cake Queen Cake Raisin Cake Rice Cake Rock Cake Rusks Saucer-Cake for Tea Scotch Cakes Common Seed-Cake A Very Good Seed Cake Seed Cake Snow Cake Scrap Cakes Scotch Shortbread Scotch Oat Cake Soda Cake Savoy Cake Almond Sponge Cake Sponge Cake To make small Sponge Cake Soda Cake for Tea Strawberry Short-cake Tea Cakes Small Tea Cakes To toast Tea Cakes Tennis Cake Thanksgiving Cake Tip Top Cake Vanilla Cake Waffles Webster Cake A Nice Yeast Cake Yorkshire Ginger Cake.

CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHT GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON BEVERAGES: Tea, Coffee and Cocoa Water Organic Impurities To purify water Filters The most popular non-alcoholic beverage The Tea Plant Indian Tea Chinese Tea Coffee Of the various kinds of coffee The roasting of coffee How to have coffee in perfection The use of chicory Cocoa Mate Coca Wines Keeping Wines Decanting Wines Port and Claret Warming Wines Icing Wines Serving Wines Wineglasses Large Glasses. CHAPTER THIRTY-NINE RECIPES FOR BEVERAGES: Almond Milk How to make Chocolate To make Essence of Coffee To roast Coffee To make Coffee To make Coffee in a saucepan A very simple method of making Coffee Café au Lait Café Noir To make Tea An Excellent Substitute for Milk or Cream in tea or coffee To make Cocoa Wines and Liqueurs Apple Wine Apricot Wine Black Cherry Wine Clary Wine Cherry Bounce To make Cherry Brandy Cowslip Wine Red Currant Wine with Raspberries Damson Wine Elder Wine Ginger Wine Gooseberry Vinegar Effervescing Gooseberry Wine Grape Wine Hops and Sherry Lemon Syrup Lemon Wine Malt Wine Mead without Fruit Mead Home Made Noyeau Raisin Wine Turnip Wine Anise Liqueur Arrack Liqueur Caraway Liqueur Cherry Liqueur Liqueur of Cloves Curacoa Black Currant Liqueur Noyau or Noyeau Orange Liqueur Raspberry Liqueur Strawberry Liqueur Vanilla Liqueur Orange Brandy Simple and Easy Way to make Very Superior Orange Wine Raspberry Vinegar Rhubarb Wine Welsh Nectar Shrub Cups and Drinks Allahabad Tankard Bishop Burgundy Cup Champagne Cup Cider Cup Claret Cup Claret Granito Egg Flip Ginger Beer Frosty Morning Drink Moselle Cup Lemonade Portable Lemonade Loving Cup My Mug Mulled Ale Negus To make Negus A Pleasant Drink for Warm Weather Orangeade To Mull Wine To make Hot Punch Cold Punch Shandy Gaff Sherry Cobbler Summer Drink A Summer Draught How to make Vinegar from the Plant Whiskey Cordial Currant Water Pineapple Water Strawberry Water Popular American Drinks Ching Ching Floster Gin Sling Locomotive Mint Julep A Capital Nightcap Pineapple Julep Sherry Cobbler. CHAPTER FORTY-ONE RECIPES FOR INVALID DISHES CHAPTER FORTY-TWO DINNERS AND DINING. CHAPTER FORTY-FOUR THE REARING, MANAGEMENT, AND DISEASES OF INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD. Remember folks, this is an 1869 original. This book is 150 years old. Please be sure to add me to your List of Favorite Sellers. Don't miss out on any of my latest listings. NEETMOK BOOKS IS A REGISTERED MEMBER OF EBAYS VERO PROGRAM. When you prepare your listings you generally should use only material text, photographs, etc.

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  • Year Printed: 1869
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Topic: International
  • Binding: Fine Binding
  • Region: Europe
  • Author: Mrs. Beeton
  • Subject: Cooking
  • Original/Facsimile: Original
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Frank Leslie
  • Place of Publication: New York
  • Special Attributes: Illustrated

RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c    RARE ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Mrs. Beeton's 1869 Victorian Confectionery Pastry Game &c