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Rare 1894 Antique Cookbook Victorian Cookery Confectionery Cakes Pastry Kitchen

Rare 1894 Antique Cookbook Victorian Cookery Confectionery Cakes Pastry Kitchen

Rare 1894 Antique Cookbook Victorian Cookery Confectionery Cakes Pastry Kitchen    Rare 1894 Antique Cookbook Victorian Cookery Confectionery Cakes Pastry Kitchen
Published by the Housekeeper Publishing Company. Hard cover with original boards. Book contains 759 pages and measures 8" x 6". This is an original antique book and not a recent reprint. Contains over 1500 recipes and household hints.

Pages are browned from age being 125 years old. Very rare book seldom offered for sale anywhere.

Binding is tight and it has minor cover wear. See below for detailed contents. Mothers Bread Bread Raised Once Bread Raised Twice Bread Raised Three Times Hop-Yeast Bread Yeast and Bread Together Grandmas Bread Coffee Bread Milk Bread Bread without Kneading Winter Bread Rice Bread Potato Sponge Potato Ball Bread Salt Rising Bread Bread with Buttermilk Baking Powder Bread Vienna Bread Boston Brown Bread Raised Brown Bread Quick Brown Bread Rye Bread Graham Bread Quick Graham Bread Buttermilk Graham Bread Rye Bread Rye and Indian Bread. Raised Biscuits Butter Biscuits Buttermilk Biscuits Cream Biscuits Egg Biscuits Feather Biscuits Graham Biscuits High Biscuits Hard Biscuits Maryland Biscuits Potato Biscuits Vienna Biscuits Water Biscuits Breakfast Biscuits Baking Powder Biscuits Abernethy Biscuits Berlin Wreaths Chocolate Biscuits Cream Biscuits Dessert Biscuits English Biscuits Jasmine Biscuits Lemon Peel Biscuits Lemon Biscuits Lisbon Biscuits Iced Biscuits Nuns Biscuits Queens Biscuits Rock Biscuits Savoy Biscuits Sugar Biscuits Maple Sugar Biscuits Parker House Biscuits French Rolls Italian Rolls Breakfast Rolls Long Breakfast Rolls Dinner Rolls Tea Rolls Coffee Rolls Cinnamon Rolls Graham Rolls Excellent Rolls Crescents or Vienna Rolls Winter Rolls Pocket Books Genuine Rusk Rusk Cream Rusk Lebanon Rusk Buns Cinnamon Buns Hot Cross Buns New England Buns Nobby Buns Quick Buns Bannock Convenient Batter Graham Bannock Scotch Currant Bannock Blueberry Cakes Breakfast Cake German Coffee Cake Corn Meal Cake Soft Corn Meal Cake Hoe Cake Cottage Cakes New England Johnny Cake Good Johnny Cake Four Johnny Cake Recipes Egg Crackers French Crackers Egg Cracknels Cracknels Crumpets English Crumpets Frogs. Banana Gems Corn Meal Gems Graham Gems Entire Wheat Flour Gems Oatmeal Gems Raised Oatmeal Gems Wheaten Gems Graham Muffins Hominy Muffins English Muffins Excellent Muffins Indian Muffins Rice Muffins Rye Muffins Indian Pone Virginia Pone Oat Cake Popovers Buckeye Pop Overs Potato Cake Puffs Graham Puffs Raised Puffs Boston Rice Cakes Sally Lunn Snow Cakes. Waffles Corn Meal Waffles Quick Waffles Plain Waffles Raised Waffles Rice Waffles Crullers and Donuts Prepared Suet 3 recipes for Crullers Cream Doughnuts Common Doughnuts Piecrust Doughnuts New England Raised Doughnuts 2 recipes for Raised Doughnuts Berlin Pancakes Trifles. FRITTERS, GRIDDLE CAKES, MUSH AND TOAST. Apple Fritters Plain Batter Fritters Bell Fritters Clam Fritters Corn Fritters Corn Oyster Fritters Canned Corn Fritters Cream Fritters Fruit Fritters Hominy Fritters Lemon Fritters Orange Fritters Orange, Peach or Pineapple Fritters Oyster Fritters Parsnip Fritters Peach Fritters Pineapple Fritters Potato Fritters Queens Fritters Rice Fritters Alabama Rice Fritters Squash Fritters Vanities Corn Oysters Batter Cakes Batter Cakes without Milk Buckwheat Cakes Buckwheat Batter Buckwheat Cakes Excellent Buckwheat Cakes Buttermilk Griddle Cakes Corn Meal Cakes Corn Dodgers Crumb Cakes Fried Bread Raised Flannel Cakes Flannel Cakes French Griddle Cakes Graham Pats Graham Griddle Cakes Oatmeal Cakes Indian Pancakes Potato Pancakes Squash Pancakes Rice Griddle Cakes Baked Corn Mush Graham Mush Oatmeal Mush Rice Rice, Southern Recipe Fried Mush Frumenty Boiled Whole Wheat Breakfast Toast Buttered Toast Cream Toast Cracker Toast Dry Toast French Toast Oyster Toast Lemon Toast Mennonite Toast Queens Toast Scrambled Toast. Adas Sugar Cakes Cheap Cookies Crisp Cookies without soda Eggless Cookies Fruit Cookies Premium Graham Cookies Grandmothers Cookies Honey Cakes Mothers Cookies Nutmeg Cookies Oatmeal Cake Cookies Oatmeal Cookies Spiced Cookies Splendid Cookies White Cookies Jumbles Cocoanut Jumbles Lemon Snaps Sand Tarts Walnut Wafers Alum Ginger Bread Excellent Ginger Bread Ginger Bread Ginger Cake Soft Ginger Bread Sorghum Cake Sorghum Ginger Bread Sponge Ginger Bread Ginger Cakes Ginger Cookies Ginger Drops Ginger Snaps Molasses Cookies Pepper Nuts Nut Wafers.

Burnt Almonds Grilled Almonds Salted Almonds Popcorn Balls Cream Bonbons Candy of any flavor Chocolate Ice Cream Candy Everton Ice Cream Candy Ice Cream Candy Hoarhound Candy Maple Sugar Candy Molasses Candy Old Fashioned Molasses Candy Peanut Candy Pecan Nut Candy Vanilla Sugar Candy Foundation Caramel Syrup Chocolate Caramels Cocoanut Caramels Cocoanut Cones Hickory Nut Cones Chocolate Creams Chocolate Drops Jelly Drops Pastille Drops Candied Flag Root Lozenges Baltimore Kisses Coltsfoot Lozenges or Rock Almond Macaroons Chocolate Macaroons Cocoanut Macaroons Hickory Nut Macaroons Marshmallows Creamed Nuts Barley Sugar Cocoanut Steeples Buttered Taffy Glorious Vanilla Taffy Genuine Everton Toffee. Creams and Custards Arrowroot Blancmange Chocolate Blancmange Cornstarch Blancmange Irish Moss Blancmange Charlotte Russe Apple Cream Chocolate Bavarian Cream Bohemian Creams Buttercup Cream Coffee Cream Hamburg Cream Italian Cream Orange Cream Rice Cream Spanish Cream Velvet Cream Whipped Cream Apple Custard Baked Custard Almond Custard Banana Custard Cheap Custard Coffee Custard Cornstarch Custard Hominy Custard Orange Custard Rice Custard Snow Custard Steamed Custard Gooseberry Fool Floating Island Moonshine Snowballs Apple Snow Cocoanut Snow Custard Souffle Orange Souffle Apple Tapioca Blackberry Tapioca Prune Whip Tapioca Whip. Puff Paste Recipes Good Paste Potato Paste Suet Paste Apple Pie Apple Cobbler Apple Custard Pie Dried Apple Pie Apple Meringue Pie Berry Pies Blueberry Pie Cherry Pie Recipes Chocolate Pie Recipes Cinnamon Flakes Cocoanut Pie Cornstarch Pie Cracker Pie Cranberry Pie Cream Pie Whipped Cream Pie Crumb Pie Currant Pie Green Currant Pie Custard Pie Wild Grape Pie Granger Pie Huckleberry Pie Lemon Pie Recipes Lemon Cream Pie Marlboro Pie Mince Meat Pie Mock Mince Pie Orange Pie Peach Pie Dried Peach Pie Pineapple Pie Plum Cobbler Potato Pie Sweet Potato Pie Prune Pie Pumokin Pie Raisin Pie Raspberry Pie Rhubarb Lemon Pie Schmier-Kase Pie Squash Pie Strawberry Pie Transparent Pie Tomato Pie Vinegar Pie Apple Tarts Ornamental Pastry Suet Paste French Butter Short Paste Pyramid Patties Beefsteak Pie Fancy or Book Sausage Roll Banbury Cake Eccles Cake Creaprecies Fonchonettes Preserve Puffs Coventry Puff Jam Sandwiches Fruit Tarts.

Apple Pudding Boiled Apple Dumplings Rolled Apple Dumplings Apple Roly-Poly Banana Pudding Batter Pudding Birds Nest Pudding Blackberry Pudding Bread Pudding Brown Betty Buttercup Pudding Caramel Pudding English Carrot Pudding Cheese Pudding Cherry Pudding Chocolate Pudding Cocoanut Pudding Cocoanut Tapioca Pudding Cottage Pudding Cornstarch Pudding Cranberry Roll Cream Pudding Cream Pudding with Cherries Currant Puddings Delmonico Pudding Fig Pudding Fruit Pudding Frozen Pudding Steamed Graham Pudding Huckleberry Pudding Baked Indian Pudding Boiled Indian Pudding Steamed Indian Pudding Lemon Pudding March Pudding Minute Pudding Orange Pudding Orange Roly-Poly Pineapple Pudding Plum Pudding Eggless Plum Pudding English Plum Pudding Prairie Plum Pudding Poor Mans Pudding Sweet Potato Pudding Quick Puff Pudding Prune Pudding Prunelle Pudding Queen of Puddings Quince Pudding Rhubarb Pudding Rice Pudding Rice Snowballs Sago and Apple Pudding Strawberry Roll Suet Pudding Suutherland Pudding Tapioca Pudding Apple Tapioca Pudding Tapioca Fruit Pudding Pudding Sauces Caramel Sauce Chocolate Sauce Cream Sauce Cold Cream Sauce Fruit Cream Sauce Plain Cream Sauce Whipped Cream Sauce Custard Sauce Fruit Juice Sauce Golden Sauce Hard Sauce Jelly Sauce Lemon Sauce Maple Sugar Sauce Minnehaha Sauce Milk Sauce Orange Sauce Pineapple Sauce Plain Sauce Strawberry Sauce Vanilla Sauce Vinegar Sauce. Coffee Army Coffee Coffee with Whipped Cream Coffee and Egg Filtered Coffee French Coffee The Housekeeper Coffee Coffee for One Hundred Iced Coffee Café au Lait Café Noir Prairie Coffee Rich and Strong Coffee Steamed Coffee Vienna Coffee Chocolate and Cocoa Pierre Blots Chocolate Chocolate Egg Chocolate Vienna Chocolate Cocoa Alkathrepta, Broma, Bacahout Tea A Cup of Tea Iced Tea Russian Tea Ginger Beer Lemon Beer Old-Time Root Beer Root Beer Fruit Beverage Black Currant Cup Grandmothers Harvest Drink Currant Juice Fruit Juices Koumyss Lemonade Egg Lemonade Mead Hot Milk Cream Nectar Imperial Nectar Eggnog Orangeade Lemon Punch Fruit Syrups Grape Shrub Raspberry Shrub Lemon or Orange Syrup Tamarind Water Unfermented Communion Wine Unfermented Grape Wine Unfermented Wild Grape Wine.

Baked Eggs Egg Baskets Birds Ness Boiled Eggs Hard Boiled Eggs Breaded Eggs Eggs Brouille Eggs a la Crème Curried Eggs Deviled Eggs Scalloped Eggs Egg Fondue Eggs Fricasseed Frizzled Eggs Frothed Eggs Egg Gems Fried Eggs Ham and Eggs Eggs au Lait Pickled Eggs Picnic Eggs Poached Eggs Potted Eggs Egg Sandwiches Eggs with Celery Sauce Eggs with Curry Sauce Curry Sauce Eggs with Tomato Sauce Egg Scallops Scrambled Eggs Steamed Eggs Stuffed Eggs Swiss Eggs Omelets Plain Omelet Meat or Fish Fielt Vegetable Omelet Sweet Omelets Asparagus Omelet Baked Omelet Cheese Omelet Ham Omelet Omelet aux Fines Herbes Oyster Omelet Potato Omelet Omelet Souffle Spanish Omelet Tomato Omelet Omelet a la Washington. Baked Fish Fish Baked in a Campfire Chowder Boiled Fresh Cod To Fry Eels Fried Fish Baked Halibut Baked Pickerel Potted Fish Boiled Salmon Broiled Salmon Canned Salmon Baked Shad Brook Trout Turbot Baked White Fish or Pickerel Boiled White Fish Broiled White Fish Steamed Fish Stewed Fish Recipes for Cooking Salt Fish Codfish a la Mode Boiled Codfish Codfish Balls Breakfast Codfish Codfish Hash Salt Cod Tongues and Sounds Baked Salt Mackerel Boiled Salt Mackerel Napes and Fins Fish Sauces Butter Sauce Egg Sauces Horseradish Sauce Lobster Sauce Mustard Sauce Oyster Sauce Shrimp Sauce Tartare Sauce Tomato Sauce Worcestershire Sauce Shellfish Clams Seaside Clambake Clam Chowder Fried Clams Scalloped Clams Clam Stew Crabs Boiled Soft Shell Clams Fried Softshell Crabs Lobster To boil a Green Lobster Dohertys Description Lobster Chowder Creamed Lobster Deviled Lobster Lobster Salad Scalloped Lobster Shrimps and Prawns Oysters Broiled Oysters Broiled Oysters on the Half Shell Canned Oysters Oysters a la Crème Fricasseed Oysters Fried Oysters Panned Oysters Oyster Pie Pickled Oysters Raw Oysters Roast Oysters Scalloped Oysters Oyster Stew Terrapin Boiled Turtle Turtle Soup. Jams Apple Butter Pumpkin Butter Rhubarb Butter Apple Jam Currant Jam Pineapple Jam Raspberry Jam Strawberry Jam Green Tomato Jam Apple Marmalade Crab Apple and Plum Marmalade Cherry Marmalade Gooseberry Marmalade Grape Marmalade Orange Marmalade Orange Marmalade, Scotch Way Peach Marmalade Peach Marmalade Pineapple Marmalade Plum Marmalade Quince Marmalade Jellies Crab Apple Jelly Blackberry Jelly Calfs Feet Jelly Cherry Jelly Coffee Jelly Cranberry Jelly Currant Jelly Economical Jelly Elderberry and Grape Jelly Four-Fruit Jelly Gooseberry Jelly Grape Jelly Fox Grape Jelly Spiced Grape Jelly Lemon Jelly Orange Jelly Peach Jelly Pineapple Jelly Plum Jelly and Marmalade Quince Jelly Raspberry and Currant Jelly Rhubarb Jelly Rhubarb and Apple Jelly Strawberry Jelly Tomato Jelly Preserves Apple Preserve Cherry Preserve Citron Preserve Candied Citron Peel Elderberry Preserve Citron and Quince Preserves Fig Preserve Grape Preserve Preserved Grapes in Bunches Orange Preserve Peach Preserve Pear Preserve Pineapple Preserve Plum Preserve Plum Sweetmeats Quince and Apple Preserve Quince Preserve Rhubarb Preserve Strawberry Preserve Tomato Preserve Unique Preserve Watermelon Preserve Fruit Sauces Apple Sauce Dried Apple Sauce Cranberry Sauce Green Currant Sauce Gooseberry Sauce Grape Sauce Dried Peach Sauce Stewed Pears Stewed Prunes Baked Rhubarb Stewed Rhubarb Ambrosia Baked Apples Apple Compote Fried Apples Iced Apples Jellied Apples Fried Bananas Banana Compote Raspberry Float Strawberry Float Florida Grape Fruit Oranges in Jelly Peaches and Cream Peach Custard Frozen Peaches Peach Meringue Peach Pyramid Baked Pears Pears and Cream Pear Compote Baked Quinces Oranged Strawberries Strawberries with Whipped Cream Simple Fruit Salads Fruit Salad. Ice Cream Ice Cream without a Freezer Banana Ice Cream Bisque Ice Cream Boston Brown Bread Ice Cream Caramel Ice Cream Chocolate Ice Cream Coffee Ice Cream Custard Ice Cream Fruit Ice Creams Fruit Frappes Kentucky Cream Lemon Ice Cream Orange Ice Cream Pineapple Ice Cream Pistachio Ice Cream Strawberry Ice Cream Tea Ice Cream Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Vanilla Ice Cream White Ice Cream Water Ices Frozen Fruits Fruit Ices Citron Ice Lemon or Orange Ice Currant, Raspberry and Strawberry Ice Tutti Frutti Ice Sherbets Pineapple Sherbet. Beef Beefsteak Broiled Beefsteak Fried Beefsteak with Oysters Beefsteak with Tomatoes Corned Beef, Broiled Fresh Beef, Boiled Fillet of Beef Beef Heart, Boiled Beef Heart, Stuffed Beef Loaf Beef a la Mode Ragout of Beef Beef Roast Beef Roast with Pudding Rib Roast Rump Roast Sirloin of Beef Roasted Round Beef Spiced Beef Smothered Beef Stewed A Brown Stew Beef Stew with Dumplings Beef Tongue Boiled Beef Tongue Spiced Tripe Fried Game Roast Birds Fried Prairie Chickens or Partridge Grouse Larded Moose Opossum Peacock Pheasant or Prairie Chicken Broiled Pigeons Potted Pigeons Stuffed and Baked Quails Quails Broiled Quail Roasted Quail on Toast Rabbits Rabbits and Hares Snipe Turkey or Brant Roasted Venison Haunch of Venison Roasted Saddle of Venison Roasted Venison Steak Broiled Woodcock Lamb and Mutton Lamb or Mutton Chops Broiled Lamb or Mutton Chops Fried Lamb or Mutton Fricassee Lamb or Mutton Roasted Lamb Roasted Breast of Lamb Roasted Lambs Tongues Boiled Lamb Stewed with Peas Mutton Broth Boiled Mutton with Caper Sauce Leg of Mutton a la Venison Pork Bacon Pork and Beans Pork Chops and Steak Salt Pork Fried Ham Boiled Boned Ham Ham Broiled Ham Fried Cold Ham Ham Porcupine A Little Pig Roasted Pork Roasted Sausages Sparerib Roast Tenderloins Poultry Chickens Baked Chicken Baked with Parsnips Chicken Boiled Chicken Breaded Chicken Broiled Chicken in Cream Chicken Fricassee Chicken Fried Fried Gumbo Chicken Jellied Chicken Pickled Chicken Pressed Chicken Pie Chicken Pie with Oysters Chicken Roasted Chicken Steamed Chicken Stew with Dumplings Duck Roasted Duck Stewed Goose Roasted Guinea Fowl Pigeon Broiled Pigeon Pie Pigeons Roasted Turkey Boiled Turkey Boned Turkey Roasted English Roast Turkey Veal Veal Cutlets Fried Calfs Head Kidneys Kidneys Stewed Liver Broiled Liver Fried Liver and Bacon Veal Loaf Veal with Oysters Veal Pot Pie Fillet of Veal Roasted Loin of Veal Roasted Veal Stew Veal Rolls Sweetbreads Sweetbreads Broiled Sweetbreads Fricasseed Sweetbreads Fried Sweetbreads with Macaroni Sweetbreads Roasted Meat Sauces Butter Sauce Caper Sauce Cream Sauce Cream Sauce with Eggs Curry Sauce Egg Sauce Mushroom Sauce Oyster Sauce Brown Sauce Carrot Sauce Celery Sauce Chestnut Sauce Maitre dHotel Sauce Mint Sauce Mushroom Sauce Mustard Sauce Olive Sauce Pickle or Caper Sauce Sweet Herb Sauce Tomato Sauce Garnishes Dried Beef Beefsteak Stuffed Croquettes Chicken Croquettes Meat Cakes Meat Croquettes Salmi of Duck Hash Turkey Hash Toad in the Hole Macaroni and Meat Patties Beefsteak Pie Lancashire Pie Meat Pie Mutton Pie Veal and Ham Pie Chicken Pilau Chicken Pudding Partridge Rissoles Ham Sandwiches Breakfast Sausages Breakfast Stew Meat Toast Scalloped Turkey Veal Cheese.

How to Cure Beef Dried Beef Beefsteak for Winter Use How to Cure Beef Tongues How to Prepare Beef Tripe How to Cure Bacons, Hams and Shoulders How to Keep Hams How to Smoke Ham #1 How to Smoke Ham #2 Head Cheese How to Keep Meat Fresh in Hot Weather How to Prepare Calfs Head and Feet Scrapple. Artichokes Beans Beets Cabbage Cauliflower Celery Chow Chow Cucumbers Cucumbers Greened Cucumbers Sliced Mangoes Peach Mangoes Mushroom Nasturtiums Onions Peppers Piccalilli Atzjar Pickles Chopped Pickle Mixed Pickles Spanish Pickles Tomato Pickles Virginia Pickles Pickled Walnuts Sweet Pickles General Recipe Apples Beets Blackberries Cherries Cucumbers Currants Elderberries Gooseberries Grapes Melons Peaches Pears French Pickle Plums Euchred Plums Raisins Strawberries Green Tomato Ripe Tomato Spiced Tomato Watermelon. Cold Catsup Cucumber Catsup Currant Catsup Gooseberry Catsup Grape Catsup Mushroom Catsup Superior Catsup Green Tomato Catsup Tomato Catsup Walnut Catsup Worcestershire Catsup Prepared Mustard Tomato Mustard Curry Powder Spiced Salt Chetney Sauce Indian Chutney Sauce Chili Sauce Horseradish Sauce Pepper Sauce Green Tomato Sauce Chili Vinegar Cress Vinegar Honey Vinegar Homemade Vinegar Horseradish Vinegar Mint Vinegar Pepper Vinegar Spiced Vinegar Tarragon Vinegar Deviled Biscuit Cottage Cheese Scalloped Cheese Toasted Cheese Curds and Whey Cheese and Eggs Cheese Fondu Cheese Sandwiches Cheese Straws Ramakins Ramakin Toast Welsh Rarebit Sandwiches Anchovy Toast. How to clear Soups Cereals and Vegetables Colors, Spices and Seasonings Stock for Soup Egg Balls Forcemeat Balls Soyers Forcemeat Balls Fried Bread Crumbs Croutons Egg Dumplings Noodles Bouillon Chicken Broth Mutton Broth Scotch Broth Asparagus Soup Bean Soup Black Bean Soup Beef Soup Beef and Okra Soup Mock Bisque Soup Cabbage Soup Calfs Head Soup Carrot Soup Celery Soup Clam Soup Cock a Leekie Soup Corn Soup Economical Soup Farina, Rice, Sago and Tapioca Soups Gumbo Fillet Okra Gumbo Soup Julienne Soup Macaroni Soup Mock Turtle Soup Mulligatawny Soup Okra Soup Onion Soup Ox Tail Soup Oyster Soup Dried Pea Soup Green Pea Soup Portable Soup Potato Soup Pot au Feu Springtime Soup Veal Soup Vegetable Soup Vermicelli Soup White Soup. Asparagus Ambushed Asparagus Asparagus and Eggs Stewed Asparagus Cream Baked Beans Grandmothers Baked Beans French String and Wax Beans Dry Lima Beans Shelled Beans Beets Baked Cabbage Boiled Cabbage Creamed Cabbage Fried Cabbage Heidelberg Cabbage Stuffed Cabbage Carrots Creamed Carrots Fried Carrots Lyonnaise Carrots Cauliflower Scalloped Cauliflower Cauliflower and Tomato Celery Fritters Stewed Celery Corn Cakes Corn Chowder Corn Fritters and Corn Oysters Corn Fritters or Mock Oysters Roasted Green Corn Hulled Corn Corn Pudding Stewed Corn Stewed Dried Corn Cucumbers Boiled Dinner Egg Plant Baked Egg Plant Greens Vegetable Hash Boiled Macaroni Macaroni and Cheese Macaroni and Oysters Macaroni and Tomatoes Mushrooms Okra Okra and Tomatoes Baked Onions Boiled Onions Fried Onions Parsnips Green Peas Dried Peas Baked Potatoes Potato Balls Boiled Potatoes Potato Border Breakfast Potatoes Browned Potatoes Creamed Potatoes Potato Croquettes French Tomatoes Fried Potatoes Potato Hash Lyonnaise Potatoes Mashed Potatoes New Potatoes Potato Nuts Potato Rissoles Saratoga Potatoes Scalloped Potatoes Potato Snow Potato Souffle Sweet Potatoes Broiled Sweet Potatoes Mashed Sweet Potatoes Scalloped Sweet Potatoes Boiled rice Southern Rice Salsify or Vegetable Oysters Fried Salsify Scalloped Salsify Sauerkraut Summer Squash Winter Squash Succotash Winter Succotash Baked Tomatoes Fried Tomatoes Fried Green Tomatoes Raw Tomatoes Tomato and Rice Scalloped Tomatoes Stewed Tomatoes Stewed Canned Tomatoes Stuffed Tomatoes Tomato Toast Turnips Browned Turnips Diced Turnips Stewed Turnips Truffles.

Care of the House Cleaning of the House The Cellar The Dining Room Dinner Pointers Domestics Fuel The Kitchen The Laundry Marketing The Storeroom Various Conveniences. Bee Keeping Household Pets Poultry Raising Renovating Dyeing Dairying Butter Making.

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  • Year Printed: 1894
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Region: North America
  • Subject: Cooking
  • Original/Facsimile: Original
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Published by the Housekeeper Publishing Company
  • Place of Publication: Minneapolis
  • Special Attributes: 1st Edition

Rare 1894 Antique Cookbook Victorian Cookery Confectionery Cakes Pastry Kitchen    Rare 1894 Antique Cookbook Victorian Cookery Confectionery Cakes Pastry Kitchen