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Rare 1870 Antique Cookbook Victorian Vintage Cookery Confectionery Pastry

Rare 1870 Antique Cookbook Victorian Vintage Cookery Confectionery Pastry

Rare 1870 Antique Cookbook Victorian Vintage Cookery Confectionery Pastry    Rare 1870 Antique Cookbook Victorian Vintage Cookery Confectionery Pastry
Book measures 8" x 5" and contains 395 pages. Original brown decorated cloth, very good plus. Two hundred of the most valuable and popular receipts know for domestic purposes. The whole forming a history of domestic knowledge and useful economy. Very Scarce in this nice condition. COMMON SENSE IN THE KITCHEN; Being a Complete Treatise on the Art of Cooking Every Variety of Food in Common Use in a Palatable and Digestible Manner at a Reasonable Cost. To Which Is Added A Chapter on the Art of Carving, and Two Hundred of the Most Valuable and Popular Receipts Known for Domestic Purposes. Published by Hurst & Co. Book measures 8" x 5" and contains 395 pages plus index. CHAPTER ONE SOUPS AND BROTHS. Vermicelli Soup White Vermicelli Soup A-la-Reine Soup Cressy Soup Transparent Soup Almond Soup Sante or Gravy Soup Ox Cheek Soup Macaroni Soup Calfs Head Soup Peas Soup White Peas Soup Green Peas Soup Onion Soup Milk Soup Milk with Onions Soup Rice Soup Rice Soup or Potage du Ris Scotch Barley Broth Lorraine Soup Maigre Soup Giblet Soup Hodge Podge Soup Cow Heel Soup White Soup Gravy Soup Spring Soup Hare Soup Partridge Soup Cray Fish Soup Eel Soup Oyster Soup Mutton Broth Beef Broth Beef Drink To keep Beef Broth Veal Broth Chicken Broth Spring Broth To keep Plum Porridge Mock Turtle Soup Portable Soup Clam Soup Tomato Soup Oxtail Soup. CHAPTER TWO BOILING IN GENERAL.

BUTCHERS MEAT : How to dress a calfs head, one half boiled, the other baked Grass lamb A ham Another way of boiling a ham Ham a la braise Tongues Neats Tongue, with parsley Lambs head Or you may dress it thus Leg of lamb boiled, and loin fried A haunch or neck of venison Pickled pork. BOILING POULTRY : Turkeys Chickens Fowls Rabbits or Ducks Pigeons Geese Partridges. BOILING FISH : Turbot Another way to dress a Turbot Turbot en Maigre Salmon To dress a whole salmon for a large company Cods head Whole cod Salt cod Cod Sounds Soles Trout Pike Carp Mullets Mackerel Mackerel a-la-Bourgeois Herrings Flounders, Plaice and Dabs Perch Eels Sturgeon Turtles Court Bouillon for all kinds of fresh fish. CHAPTER THREE ROASTING IN GENERAL.

BUTCHERS MEAT : Beef Mutton and Lamb Haunch of Mutton dressed like venison A fore-quarter of house lamb Tongues or udders Veal Pork Sucking pigs Calfs head Ham or gammon of bacon. ROASTING POULTRY : Turkeys Chickens Fowls Green Geese A Stubble Goose Ducks Pigeons Larks Rabbits. ROASTING GAME : Pheasants and Partridges Woodcocks or Snipes Hares Venison. ROASTING FISH : To roast Sturgeon Roasted en Gras Lobsters.

BUTCHERS MEAT : Rump of Beef a la Braise Calfs head Pigs A Bullocks or Calfs Heart. BAKING FISH : Cods Head Salmon Carp Eels and Lamprey Herrings Turbot Pike, with forcemeat Mackerel. BUTCHERS MEAT AND POULTRY : Beef Steaks Mutton Steaks Pork Chops Ox Palates Chickens Pigeons. BROILING FISH : Fresh salmon Dried salmon Cod Crimped Cod Cod Sounds Trout Mackerel Mackerel a la Maitre dHotel Haddocks and Whitings Eels Eels pitch-cocked Herrings. BUTCHERS MEAT : Venison Veal Cutlets Neck or Loin of Lamb Sweetbreads Calfs Brain Beef Steaks Ox Tongues Ox Feet or Cow Heel Tripe Chickens Artichoke Bottoms Celery Potatoes.

FRYING FISH : Turbot Carp Tench Soles Smelts Eels Lampreys Mullets Herrings Oysters. BUTCHERS MEAT : Fillet of Veal Breast of Veal Knuckle of Veal Neck of Veal Calfs Head Calfs Liver Rump of Beef Beef Steaks Beef Gobbets Neats Tongues To Dress Ox Palates Ox Palates Forced How to marinade ox palates. STEWING POULTRY : Turkey en pain Fowls Chickens Goose giblets Ducks Duck with green peas Pigeons Pheasants Partridges Cucumbers Peas and Lettuce.

STEWING FISH : Carp and Tench Barbel Small Barbel Trout Pike A Fricandeau of Pike Cod Soles, Plaice and Flounders Lampreys and Eels Prawns, Shrimps, and Crayfish Oysters Oysters scalloped Muscles. CHAPTER EIGHT HASHING AND MINCING. BUTCHERS MEAT : Calfs Head Veal Minced Mutton Hashed. HASHING POULTRY AND GAME : Turkeys Fowls Chickens Partridges or Woodcocks Wild ducks Hares Hare jugged Venison. BUTCHERS MEAT, POULTRY, &c : Neats Tongue Sweetbreads White Calfs Feet a la Carmagot Tripe Chickens Rabbits White Rabbits Brown.

FRICASSEING FISH, &c : Cod Sounds Soles Eels Flounders Skate or Thornback Oysters Eggs Eggs with Onion and Mushrooms Mushrooms Skirrits Artichoke Bottoms. BUTCHERS MEAT Breast of Veal Neck of Veal Sweetbreads Brown Calfs Feet Pigs Feet and Ears A forequarter of house lamb Beef Mutton. RAGOOS OF POULTRY, VEGETABLES, &c A Goose Livers of Poultry Oysters Muscles Mushrooms Artichoke Bottoms Asparagus Cucumbers Cauliflowers French Beans Endive Cabbage Force Maigre Asparagus, forced in French rolls Peas Francois. CHAPTER 11 GRAVIES, CULLISES, AND OTHER SAUCES.

Gravies A very rich gravy Brown Gravy Sauce Italian Sauce Piquante Sauce Piquante to serve cold A cullis for all sorts of Ragoos and rich sauces A family cullis A White Cullis A Cullis for Fish Ham Sauce Essence of Ham A sauce for Lamb Sauce for any kind of Roast Meat A White Sauce Sauce for most kinds of fish Sauce nonpareil Sauce a la Menehout Egg Sauce Bread Sauce Anchovy Sauce Shrimp Sauce Oyster Sauce To melt free Caper Sauce Shalot Sauce Lemon Sauce for boiled fowls Gooseberry Sauce Fennel Sauce Mint Sauce A relishing Sauce To crisp parsley Sauce for wild ducks, teal, &c Pontiff Sauce Aspic Sauce Forcemeat Balls Lemon Pickle. BUTCHERS MEAT : Bombarded Veal Fricandeau of Veal Veal Olives Grenadines of Veal Veal Cutlets in Papilotes Porcupine of a Breast of Veal Fricandeau of Veal a la Bourgeois Calfs Head Surprise A Calfs Pluck Loin of Veal en Epigram Pillow of Veal Shoulder of Veal a la Piedmontoise Sweetbreads of Veal a la Dauphine Sweetbreads en Gordineere Sweetbreads a la daube Scotch Collops Beef Collops Beef a la daube Beef Tremblent Beef kidneys a la Bourgeoise Beef a la mode Beef a la Royal Beef olives Bouille Beef Sirloin of beef en epigram The inside of a sirloin of beef forced A round of beef forced Beef steaks rolled Beef rump en Matelotte Beef escarlot Tongue and udder forced Tripe a la Kilkenny Harrico of Mutton Shoulder of Mutton surprised To dress the umbles of deer Mutton kebobbed Leg of mutton a la haut Gout Leg of Mutton roasted with oysters Shoulder of mutton en epigram Sheeps rumps and kidneys Mutton rumps a la braise Mutton chops in disguise A shoulder of mutton called Hen and Chickens A quarter of lamb forced Lambs bits Lamb a la béchamel Lamb chops en casarole Barbecued Pig A pig au pere duillet A pig matelote Sheeps trotters en gratten. MADE DISHES OF POULTRY, &c : Turkey a la daube Turkey in a hurry Fowls a la braise Fowls forced Fowls marinaded Chickens chiringrate Chickens a la braise Chickens in savoury jelly Chickens and tongues Pullets a la Sainte Menehoute Ducks a la braise Ducks a la mode Ducks a la Francoise A goose a la mode A goose marinaded Pigeons compote French pupton of Pigeons Pigeons a la braise Pigeons au Poise Fricandeau of Pigeons Pigeons a la daube Pigeons a la Soussel Pigeons in a hole Jugged pigeons Partridges a la braise Pheasants a la braise Snipes or woodcocks in surtout Snipes with purslain leaves Larks a la Francoise Florendine hares Florendine rabbits Jugged hare Rabbits surprised Rabbits en casserole Macaroni Amulets Amulets of asparagus Oyster loaves Mushroom loaves Eggs in surtout Eggs and broccoli Spinach and eggs To make Ramekins.

CHAPTER THIRTEEN VEGETABLES AND ROOTS. Asparagus Artichokes Broccoli Cauliflowers Green peas Winter Squash Green Corn Succotash Spinach Cabbages Turnips Carrots Parsnips Potatoes Potatoes scalloped Hops. BOILED PUDDINGS : Bread Pudding Batter pudding Custard pudding Quaking Pudding Sago Pudding Marrow Pudding Biscuit Pudding Almond Pudding Tansey Pudding Herb Pudding Spinach Pudding Cream Pudding Hunting Pudding Steak Pudding Calfs Foot Pudding Prune Pudding Plum Pudding Hasty Pudding Oatmeal Pudding Suet Pudding Veal Suet Pudding Cabbage Pudding A Spoonful Pudding White Puddings in skins Apple Pudding Apple Dumplings Suet Dumplings Raspberry Dumplings Yeast Dumplings Norfolk Dumplings Potatoe Pudding Black Puddings.

BAKED PUDDINGS : Vermicelli Pudding Sweetmeat Pudding Orange Pudding Lemon Pudding Almond Pudding Rice Pudding Millet Pudding Oat Pudding Transparent Pudding French Barley Pudding Potatoe Pudding Lady Sunderlands Pudding Citron Pudding Chestnut Pudding Quince Pudding Cheese Curd Pudding Apple Pudding Newmarket Pudding A Grateful Pudding Carrot Pudding Yorkshire Pudding. MEAT PIES : Beef Steak Pie Mutton Pie A Mutton Pie a la Perigord Veal Pie A rich veal pie Lamb or veal pies in high taste Venison Pasty Olive Pie Calfs Head Pie Calfs Feet Pie Sweetbread Pie Cheshire Pork Pie Devonshire Squab Pie. PIES MADE OF POULTRY, &c : A plain goose pie Giblet Pie Duck Pie Pigeon Pie Chicken Pie Another method of making a chicken pie Partridge Pie Hare Pie Rabbit Pie Fine patties To make any sort of Timbale. FRUIT PIES : Apple Pie Apple Tart Cherry Pie Mince Pies Another method of making Mince Pies To make mincemeat Orange and lemon tarts Tart de moi Artichoke Pie Vermicelli Pie. FISH PIES : Eel Pie Turbot Pie Sole Pie Flounder Pie Carp Pie Tench Pie Trout Pie Salmon Pie Herring Pie Lobster Pie. CHAPTER SIXTEEN PANCAKES AND FRITTERS. Pancakes Cream Pancakes Rice Pancakes Pink colored pancakes Clary Pancakes Plain Fritters Custard Fritters Apple Fritters Water fritters White Fritters Hastry Fritters Fritters Royal Tansey Fritters Rice Fritters Chicken Fritters Bilboquet Fritters Orange Fritters Strawberry Fritters Raspberry Fritters Currant Fritters German Fritters Almond Fraze.

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN TARTS AND PUFFS. Raspberry Tarts Green Almond Tarts Angelica Tarts Rhubarb Tarts Spinach Tarts Petit Patties Orange Tarts Chocolate Tarts Sugar Puffs Lemon Puffs Almond Puffs Chocolate Puffs Curd Puffs Wafers. CHAPTER EIGHTEEN CHEESECAKES AND CUSTARDS. Common cheesecakes Fine cheesecakes Bread cheesecakes Rice cheesecakes Almond cheesecakes Lemon cheesecakes Citron cheesecakes Plain custards Baked custards Rice custards Almond custards Lemon custards Orange custards.

CHAPTER NINETEEN CAKES, BISCUITS, &c. A good common cake A rich seed cake A pound cake plain Cream cake Wedding or Christening cake Rice cake Gingerbread cake Bath cakes or buns Shrewsbury cake Portugal cake Saffron cake Prussian cake Queen cake Almond cake Little Plum cake Ratifia cake Apricot cake Orange cake Lemon cake Currant cake Whigs Common Biscuits Sponge Biscuits Spanish Biscuits Drop Biscuits Lemon Biscuits Macaroons Green Caps Black Caps Snow Balls. CHAPTER TWENTY THE ART OF CONFECTIONERY.

The method of preparing sugars and colours Smooth or Candy Sugar Bloom Sugar Feathered Sugar Crackled Sugar Carmel Sugars Red Color Blue Color Yellow Color Green Color Devices in sugar Sugar of roses in various figures. CREAMS AND JAMS : Orange Cream Lemon Cream Hartshorn Cream Burnt Cream Burnt Cream another way Blanched Cream Cream a la Franchipane Whipt Cream Spanish Cream Steeple Cream Barley Cream Pistachio Cream Tea Cream Coffee Cream Chocolate Cream Chocolate Cream another way Pompadour Cream Ratifia Cream Raspberry Cream Ice Cream Fruit Ices Chocolate, coffee, ginger, vanilla, biscuit and noyeau custard ices Raspberry jam Strawberry jam Apricot jam Gooseberry Jam Black currant jam Icing for cakes. JELLIES, SYLLABUBS, &c : Calfs Feet Jelly Hartshorn Jelly Orange Jelly Fruit in Jelly Blanc Mange Jaunmange Black Currant Jelly Savoury Jelly Riband Jelly Common Syllabubs Whipt Syllabub Solid Syllabub Lemon Syllabubs Everlasting Syllabubs A Hedgehog Flummery French Flummery Green Melon in Flummery Solomons Temple in Flummery. PRESERVING FRUIT, &c : Apricots Peaches Quinces Barberries Pineapples Morello Cherries Green Codlins or other Fine Sauce Apples Golden Pippins Green Gage Plums Oranges Raspberries Strawberries Currants in bunches Gooseberries Gooseberries in imitation of hops Damsons Walnuts Cucumbers. DRYING AND CANDYING : Dried Apricots Candied Angelica Green Gage Plums Dried Dried Cherries Dried Damsons Candied Cassia Lemon and Orange Peels candied Candied ginger Candied Horehound Candied Almond Cake or Gateau Noga Candied Rhubarb Cakes Compote of Crude Oranges Compote of Apples Compote of Pears Compote of Quinces Orange Chips Orange Marmalade Apricot Marmalade Quince Marmalade Transparent Marmalade Burnt Almonds Raspberry Paste Currant Paste Gooseberry Paste.

ORNAMENTS IN CONFECTIONERY : Artificial Fruit A Dish of Snow Moonshine Floating Island Desert Island Chinese Temple or Obelisk. Mangoes Gherkins Cucumbers Cucumbers in Slices To keep Cucumbers Walnuts Red Cabbage Onions Samphire Kidney Beans To preserve French Beans Barberries Beet Roots Radish Pods Cauliflowers Artichoke Bottoms To preserve Artichokes Nasturtiums Mushrooms Mushroom Catsup Walnut Catsup Indian Pickle Asparagus Parsley Pickled Green Peaches Golden Pippins Grapes Red Currants Smelts Oysters Artificial Anchovies Ox Palates. Venison Breast of Veal Breast of Mutton Beef Calfs head Pig Eels Mackerel Salmon.

MEAT AND POULTRY : Venison Hares Marble Veal Tongues Beef Pigeons Geese and Fowls Woodcocks. CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR CURING VARIOUS KINDS OF MEATS, SOUSINGS, &c. Hams New England Hams Bacon Hams Beef Hams Neats Tongue Hung Beef Dutch Beef Hunting Beef Pickled Pork Mock Brawn Turkey Soused in imitation of Sturgeon How to make Fine Sausages Oxford Sausages. CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE METHODS OF KEEPING VEGETABLES, FRUITS, &c.

To keep Green peas till Christmas How to keep Mushrooms To bottle damsons. CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX POSSETS, GRUELS, &c.

Sack Possets Wine Posset Ale Posset Orange Posset White Caudle Brown Caudle White Wine Whey Water Gruel Barley Gruel Orgeat Paste. CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN MADE WINES, &c. Raisin Wine An excellent wine from Smyrna Currants Currant Wine Gooseberry Wine Mulberry Wine Raspberry Wine Damson Wine Orange Wine Lemon Wine Grape Wine Cherry Wine Elder Wine Apricot Wine Quince Wine Blackberry Wine Turnip Wine Birch Wine Rose Wine Ginger Wine Balm Wine Mead Wine Raspberry Brandy Orange Brandy Lemon Brandy Black Cherry Brandy. Rose Water Lavender Water Peppermint Water Surfeit Water.

CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE THE ART OF CARVING. THE NEW FAMILY RECEIPT BOOK. German Method of Clarifying and Preserving Fresh Butter Genuine Friars Balsam Lozenges for the Heartburn Instant Relief from Pain The true Daffys Elixir Infallible Remedy for the Ague Bayleys Patent Cakes for Liquid Blacking An incomparable fumigation or vapor for a sore throat Dr Fullers Vapor for a Quinsy Fine Red Ink Method of cleansing and polishing rusty steel Fine Balsamic elixir for confirmed coughs and consumption Admiral Gascoignes tincture of Rhubarb German cure for consumption Easy cure for wens Lozenges for the piles How to clean paper hangings For the scurvy How to preserve green peas for the winter Wash for the hair Remedy for swelled legs Fine raspberry vinegar Turlingtons Balsam Cephalic snuff How to preserve weather boarding, paling, etc Liquid for changing the color of the hair Colors from flowers, leaves, roots, etc Remedy for the dropsy How to fine malt liquors How to make Elderberry Beer Drying and preserving currants in bunches Stoughtons stomach elixir Cure for a pimpled face Separating gold or silver from lace Red ink for marking linen Permanent green pigment Stewed oysters in French rolls Improvement on the common mode of salting butter How to expeditiously fatten chickens Dohertys description Curious method of feeding carp in ponds Chemical snuff for the headache Speedy remedy for a bruised eye Stomach plaster for a cough Oil of brown paper for burns Liquid for removing spots of grease Method of taking out ink spots Ink stains out of mahogany Jaynes patent method of preserving eggs Chinese mode of waterproofing cloth Golden yellow dye for silks Curious method for breeding an innumerable quantity of beautiful gold and silver fish Syrup of red cabbage French vegetative liquid for making bulbous roots flower beautifully in ornamental gardens, without earth, during winter Art of extracting the finest carmine powder from clippings of scarlet cloth Substitute for verdigris in producing a fine black dye Artificial musk How to make paper fire-proof How to make leather waterproof How to make the invaluable liquor called Vespetro Incomparable method of salting meat as adopted by the Empress of Russia Art of making the best black powder Vast advantages of baking instead of boiling beet root Best method of making sage cheese Syrup of ginger The art of making Turkish glue How to prepare foil for diamonds and other precious stones How to dye cotton with madder as practiced in Smyrna Turkish method of filtering water by ascension and much more.

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  • Year Printed: 1870
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Topic: American (US)
  • Binding: Fine Binding
  • Region: North America
  • Author: Henderson
  • Subject: Cooking
  • Original/Facsimile: Original
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Hurst & Co.
  • Place of Publication: New York
  • Special Attributes: 1st Edition

Rare 1870 Antique Cookbook Victorian Vintage Cookery Confectionery Pastry    Rare 1870 Antique Cookbook Victorian Vintage Cookery Confectionery Pastry