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1896 RARE VICTORIAN COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery Pastry Confectionery ANTIQUE OLD

1896 RARE VICTORIAN COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery Pastry Confectionery ANTIQUE OLD
1896 RARE VICTORIAN COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery Pastry Confectionery ANTIQUE OLD
1896 RARE VICTORIAN COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery Pastry Confectionery ANTIQUE OLD
1896 RARE VICTORIAN COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery Pastry Confectionery ANTIQUE OLD
1896 RARE VICTORIAN COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery Pastry Confectionery ANTIQUE OLD
1896 RARE VICTORIAN COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery Pastry Confectionery ANTIQUE OLD

1896 RARE VICTORIAN COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery Pastry Confectionery ANTIQUE OLD   1896 RARE VICTORIAN COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery Pastry Confectionery ANTIQUE OLD
Note: Many of my clients are expert chefs and food service professionals, homemakers, and aspiring Chopped Champions seeking detailed information about their preferred fields of cuisine. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book. In this Book (Partial Only, See Full Contents Below): Antique Cookbook Rare Vintage Victorian Cookery Cook Cooking Chef Kitchen Cuisine Recipes Receipts Housewife Housekeeper Home Homemaker Kitchen Breakfast Menu Bills of Fare Meals Entrees Bread Puddings Desserts Sauces Eggs Seafood Fish Meat Steaks Beef Soups Vegetables Souffle Confectionery Appetizers Side Dishes Salads Muffins Cakes Pies Pastry Custard Biscuits Ice Cream Home Made Candy Candies Sandwiches Boiling Broiling Roasting Baking Fricassee Christmas Dinner Fruit Jellies Preserves Preserving Pickling Canning Marmalades Curing Meats Hams. A Collection of Valuable and Reliable Recipes in All Classes of Cookery. With Toilet, Health and Housekeeping Departments. Published in 1896 by the North American Publishing Company, Chicago. 9 x 6 pictorial hardcover. Condition: VERY GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Exterior has general wear as shown in photo. Inner hinges cracked but still holding very well.

Pages have some age toning at the outer edges yet remain clean and complete. No torn, loose or missing pages. Description: This is a charming Victorian-era antique cookbook loaded with nearly 2,000 individual recipes for meat and seafood entrees, game, vegetables, breads and cakes, sweet desserts, pies and pastry, candy, ice cream and other confectionery, beverages, and much more.

In the Cooking Department no pains have been spared to collect from every source recipes combining healthfulness with palatableness, and daintiness with economy. The extravagant cuisine of the wealthiest homes has been catered for, while the more moderate households, and the small economies appertaining thereto, have all been consulted; friends far and near, east, west, north and south, notable housekeepers, and skilled in every department of housewifery, have contributed their mite to the general whole, with the result now before you.

Not only does this wonderful old cookbook contain more cooking recipes than youll ever be able to try in your lifetime, but it also has chapters on helpful household hints, health and beauty. For your convenience, I have taken the liberty of summarizing many chapters and recipes from the book. Youll find all the information below. Further down the page, you can see some pictures of the book. I hope youll take a moment to have a look.

CHAPTER THREE SOUPS: Soup Stock Soup Flavoring Soup Coloring Soup Filling Quenelles or Egg Balls Crontons or Fried Crusts Forcemeat Balls Egg Dumplings Dumplings for Soup German Soup Balls Noodles Meat Soups Mock Turtle Soup Consomme with Custards Veal Soup, plain Veal soup with tapioca Beef Soup Noodle Soup Bouillon Soup Bouillon Mutton Soup Puree of Game White Rabbit Soup Brown Rabbit Soup Chicken Soup Chicken Bean Soup Giblet Soup Chicken Green Corn Soup Gravy for Chicken Southern Gumbo Soup Gumbo Filee Oyster Soup Clam Soup Lobster Soup Fish Cream Soup Cat Fish Soup Meat Vegetable Soup Puree of Cauliflower or Cauliflower Cream Soup Green Corn Soup Pearl Barley Broth Potato Soup Potato Cream Soup Puree of Beans Jardiniere Soup Bean Porridge Bean Soup Bean and Corn Soup Tomato and Bean Soup Tomato Soup Pea Soup Vegetable Ham Bone Soup Cream Vegetable Soup. CHAPTER FOUR FISH FRESH, SALT AND SHELL: Boiling Fish Broiling Fish Frying Fish Plain Gravy To bake Fish Bread Stuffing for Fish Baked Blue Fish Bass, Pike and Pickerel Boiled Bass Mackinaw Trout Baked Baked White Fish Salmon Collared Boiled Salmon Salmon Steak and Potatoes Salmon Salmi Boiled Red Snapper Baked Red Snapper Broiled Eels Baked Eels Baked Halibut Potted Halibut Potted Codfish Broiled Shad Fish Forcemeat Balls Sour Baked Fish, German style Dressing for Baked Fish Potted Fish Salt Codfish Fried Salt Codfish Codfish Stew Codfish on Toast Codfish and Cheese Salt Mackerel Fried Salt Mackerel Broiled Salt Mackerel Baked Salt Mackerel White Fish Smoked Salmon Canned Salmon Pickled Canned Salmon Canned Salmon with drawn butter Deviled Salmon Fish Scallop Sardine and Ham Sandwiches Sardines on Toast Oyster Stew Oysters Stewed with Celery Fried Oysters Broiled Oysters Oysters on Toast Scalloped Oysters Oyster Shell Scallops Scalloped Oysters with Hard-boiled eggs Roast Oysters Oysters panned Fricasseed Oysters Oyster Pie Oyster and Salmon Pie Oyster Patties Oyster Omelet Pickled Oysters Mock Oysters Clams on Toast Clam Stew Clam Chowder Deviled Clams in the Shell Broiled Clams Fried Clams Hot Crab Lobsters Broiled Lobster Relish Lobster Curry Scalloped Lobsters.

CHAPTER FIVE GAME: Venison Haunch of Saddle of Venison Jelly Sauce for Venison Larded Venison Venison Pie or Pasty Venison Steaks Venison hash Venison Rib Roast Rabbit Roasted Rabbit fried Rabbit Pie Rabbit Stew Rabbits Fricasseed Squirrel pot pie Squirrels, Fricasseed, Stewed or Fried Opossum Fried Opossum Roasted Woodchucks or Raccoons Pemmican Frogs on Toast Squab Pie Mallard Duck Pigeons Roasted Pigeons Stewed Pigeon Pie Quail on Toast Quail Pie Woodcock Broiled Woodcock Baked or Roasted Prairie Chickens Baked or Roasted Partridge Pie Plover and Snipe Reed Birds, Rail Birds and Ortolans Roast Wild Duck Roast Wild Turkey Game Pie Terrapin Stewed Hare Broiled Birds Smothered Birds. CHAPTER SIX POULTRY: How to dress and cut up poultry How to bone fowls Boned fowls with forcemeat Roast Turkey Forcemeat for Turkey Oyster Dressing Giblet Gravy for Turkey Turkey Dressed with Oysters Boiled Turkey Turkey Scallop Roast Chicken Boiled Chicken Chicken Fricassee Chicken Scallop Chicken Pie Chicken Pie with Oysters Chicken Corn Pie Chicken Pot Pie Pot Pie Crust Potato Pot Pie Crust Chicken Stew with Dumplings Indian Stew Baked Chicken Broiled Chicken Fried Chicken Pickled Chicken Chicken Patties Chicken Cheese Roast Ducks Boned Ducks Stock Jelly for Meats Apple Stuffing Boiled Duck Roast Goose Apple Sauce for Meats Potato Forcemeat Sour Roast Duck Chicken Stew, creole style Chicken or Turkey Cutlets. CHAPTER SEVEN MEATS: Roast Beef Yorkshire Pudding Fillet of Beef Roasted Delicious Roast Meat Rib Roast, stuffed Broiled Steak Fried Steak Beefsteak a la Maitre dHotel Maitre dHotel Butter Round Steak Beefsteak with Onions Beefsteak smothered in onions Beefsteak Pudding Braised Beef Mock Duck Beef Cheese Beef Heart Stuffed Dressing for Beef Heart Irish Stew Baked Beef Stew Spiced Beef Roll Boiled Neetmok Flank, Stuffed Beef a la Mode Beef Loaf Stewed Kidneys Beef Tongue, boiled Deviled Tongue Pickled Tripe Fried Tripe To prepare Tripe Fried Liver Beef Liver stewed Rolled Corn Beef Dried Beef with Eggs Potted Beef, Ham, Chicken, etc Veal Roast Baked Fillet of Veal Stuffed Breast of Veal Veal Pot Pie Veal Pie Veal Stew Calfs head boiled Calfs Head baked Fried Veal Cutlets Broiled Veal Cutlets Veal Loaf Veal Marble Potted Veal Veal Jelly Spiced Veal, nice relish Pillau of Veal Calfs Feet, fried Calfs Brains, plain Calfs Brains, fried Calfs Brains, scalloped Larded Calfs Liver Fricassee of Calfs Liver Fried Sweetbreads Stewed Sweetbreads Veal Sausage Roast Mutton Stuffed Leg of Mutton Boiled Leg of Mutton Mutton Stew Baked Mutton Cutlet Mutton Chops Stewed Mutton with Green Peas Roast Lamb Shoulder of Lamb, grilled Lambs Tongues Lamb Stew Leg of Lamb boiled Roast Pork Roast Spare Rib Roast Pig Boiled Ham Soused Pigs Feet Pressed Pigs Feet Pork Chops with Apples Toad in the Hole Pressed Pigs Head, spiced Ham Toast Pork Pie Head Cheese Salt Pork Fried Broiled Salt Pork Ham Omelet Bologna Sausages Beef Sausage To render Lard To sweeten Lard To prepare Sausage for Summer CHAPTER EIGHT CURING MEATS: Brine or Pickle for Beef, Ham, Shoulder or Mutton To restore Pork How to Cure Hams.

CHAPTER NINE HASH AND CROQUETTES: Hash with Eggs Spanish Hash Hashed Beef Meat and Potato Hash Mutton Hashed Meat Scraple or Meat Scrapple Meat Omelet Meat Scallop Rechauffe of Cold Meat Cold Meats Deviled Beef Beefsteak Pie Tomato Meat Pie Hotch Potch Ragout of Cold Veal Deviled Ham Beef Balls Minced Ham with Eggs Minced Veal Beef Fricasseed Croquettes of Calves Brains Chicken Croquettes Fish Croquettes Shad Roe Croquettes Lobster Croquettes Ham Croquettes Potato Croquettes Rice Croquettes Sweet-bread Croquettes Veal Croquettes Oyster Croquettes Green Corn Croquettes Breakfast Relish. CHAPTER TEN EGGS: Brine for Eggs Smothered Eggs Poached Eggs Sour Eggs, German Style Egg Fricassee Pickled Eggs Deviled Eggs Egg Baskets Egg Toast Shirred Eggs Scalloped Eggs Scrambled Eggs Baked Eggs Ham and Eggs Fried Steamed Eggs Ham and Eggs Baked Curried Eggs Omelets Omelet, Plain Tomato Omelet Bread Omelet Omelet Souffle Green Corn Omelet Omelet with Jelly Cheese Omelet Apple Omelet Cabbage Omelet. CHAPTER ELEVEN CONDIMENTS: Cream Sauce or White Sauce White Sauce White Sauce for Fish or Game Brown Gravy or Sauce Gravy for Hash Currant Jelly Sauce for Game or Roast Beef Mint Sauce Drawn Butter Sauce Curry Sauce, Burnt Butter Lemon Sauce Hollandaise Sauce Maitre dHotel Butter White Celery Sauce for Boiled Poultry Oyster Sauce Horseradish Sauce Egg Sauce Onion Sauce Chili Sauce Shrimp Sauce Mushroom Sauce Parsley Sauce Lobster Sauce Anchovy Sauce Spiced Mustard Prepared Mustard Tomato Mustard French Mustard Tomato Catsup, unrivalled Tomato Catsup Cucumber Catsup Grape Catsup Cherry Catsup Mushroom Catsup Walnut Catsup Cold Catsup Green Tomato Catsup Tomato Soy Spiced Tomatoes Spiced Currants or Currant Catsup Spiced Grapes Spiced Gooseberries Spiced Cherries Gooseberry Catsup Spiced Peaches Dohertys Description Nonpareil Salad Dressing Cream Dressing for Salad Mayonnaise Dressing Boiled Salad Dressing Hot Cabbage Salad or Slaw Cabbage Slaw with Cooked Dressing Cold Slaw with Cold Cream Dressing Potato Salad Plain Potato Salad Mayonnaise Potato Salad Hot Potato Salad Lettuce Salad Cauliflower Salad Celery Salad Tomato Salad Tomato Mayonnaise Salmon Salad Chicken Salad Cream Chicken Salad Mayonnaise Chicken Salad Veal Salad Lobster Salad Oyster Salad Sweet-bread Salad Salade a la Russe Egg Salad Cheese Salad Crab Salad Water Cress Salad Hot Lettuce Salad Tomatoes Raw Bean Salad Horseradish for Winter Spiced Vinegar Cabbage and Beet Salad Beef Salad. CHAPTER THIRTEEN VEGETABLES: Steamed Potatoes Mashed Potatoes Boiled Potatoes Potato Snow Potato Balls Baked Potatoes Baked in Milk, Dutch Style Scalloped Potatoes Stuffed Potatoes Saratoga Potatoes German Potato Dumplings Potatoes Hollandaise Tossed Potatoes Fried Potatoes, Raw Brown Potatoes Potato Stew Potatoes a la Crème Maitre dHotel Potatoes Princess Potatoes Buttered Sweet Potatoes Potato Balls, fried Potato Omelet Potato Puffs Sweet Potatoes Browned Baked Sweet Potatoes Lyonnaise Potatoes Boiled Green Corn Stewed Green Corn Dohertys Description Succotash Baked Green Corn Winter Succotash Corn Oysters Green Corn Griddle Cakes Kentucky Corn Pudding Canning Corn Putting Down Corn Green Corn and Tomatoes Canned Drying Corn Hulled Corn or Lye Hominy Hominy Fried Hominy Stewed Tomatoes Baked Stuffed Tomatoes Broiled Tomatoes Deviled Tomatoes Scalloped Tomatoes Fried Green Tomatoes Fried Green Tomatoes and Onions Asparagus on Toast Stewed Asparagus Stewed Mushrooms Mushroom Flaps broiled Baked Mushrooms Fried Mushrooms Salsify Green Peas, Fresh or Canned String Beans Pork and Beans Stewed Beans Boston Baked Beans Lima Beans Dried Lima Beans Fried Okra Gumbo, creole style Stewed Okra Stewed Celery Boiled Cabbage Cabbage a la Crème Fried Cabbage Sauerkraut Cooking Sauerkraut Cauliflower Boiled Cauliflower a la Crème Turnips Stewed Turnips Mashed Carrots Carrots Stewed Beets Young Beets Parsnips stewed Parsnips browned Cucumbers stewed Cucumber Toast Fried Egg Plant Egg Plant with Batter Scalloped Egg Plant Stewed Onions Fried Onions Summer Squash Winter or Hubbard Squash Spinach Greens Artichokes Baked Rice Rice, southern manner Baked Macaroni Macaroni with Cheese Boiled Dinner. CHAPTER FOURTEEN BREAD: Hop Yeast Potato Yeast Yeast Cakes Lime Water in Bread Graham Bread Bread with Potato Sponge Good Bread Bread with Corn-meal Sponge Salt-rising Bread Milk Yeast Bread Vienna Bread Rye Bread Quick Buttermilk Bread Graham Yeast Bread Quick Graham Bread Boston Brown bread Steamed Brown Bread Oatmeal Bread Corn and Pumpkin Bread Indian Bread Corn Bread Steamed Corn Bread Soda Biscuit Cream Tartar and Soda Biscuit Baking Powder Biscuit Raised Biscuit Easy Raised Biscuit Graham Biscuit Baking Powder Graham Biscuit Breakfast Biscuit Drop Biscuit Beaten Biscuit Creamery Buttered Flour Biscuit Rusk Dried Rusk Virginia Rolls Parker House Rolls Cinnamon Rolls for Lunch Twist Rolls Pocket Books Sweet Potato Rolls Buns Milk Crackers Crackers Oatmeal Crackers Graham Fruit Crackers Raised Muffins Milton Muffins or Popovers Quick Muffins Rice Muffins Rye Muffins Oatmeal Muffins Quick Corn-meal Muffins Raised Corn-meal Muffins Crumpets Corn-meal Neetmok Crumpets Gems and Waffles Sweet Milk Graham Gems Hygienic Graham Gems Oatmeal Gems Corn-meal Gems Laplanders, for breakfast Sally Lunn Raised Waffles Quick Waffles Hominy Waffles Batter Cakes Buckwheat Cakes Raised Graham Griddle Cakes Wheat Griddle Cakes Raised Cornmeal Griddle Cakes Rye Griddle Cakes Flannel Cakes Graham Griddle Cakes, quick Corn Griddle Cakes, delicious Wheat Pancakes Crumb Griddle Cakes Hominy Griddle Cakes Rice Griddle Cakes Potato Tea Cakes Hoe Cakes Kentucky Corn Dodgers Southern Dinner Bread Batter Bread Sweetened Johnny Cake Graham Fruit Mush Graham Mush, plain Corn-meal Mush Fried Mush Oatmeal Oatmeal Mush, fried Cracked Wheat Granulated Graham Cerealine Boiled Wheat Wheatlet Cream or Milk Toast Fruit Toast Cheese Toast Welsh Rarebit Chicken Sandwiches German Toast Steamed Bread Apple Toast Rolled Sandwiches Ham and Egg Sandwiches Sandwiches Chicken and Ham Rolls, a Party Dish.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN FRITTERS: Plain Fritters Cream Fritters Oxford Fritters Apple Fritters Banana Fritters Pineapple Fritters Peach Fritters Rice Fritters Corn Fritters Parsnip Fritters Carrot Fritters Potato Fritters Clam Fritters Oyster Fritters Squash Fritters Imperial Fritters Imperial Fritter Sauce. CHAPTER SIXTEEN PASTRY: Pies Pie Crust Puff Paste Cream Pie Crust Epicurean Pie Crust Healthful Pie Crust Hygienic Cream Crust Pie Shells Green Apple Pie Apple Meringue Pie Apple Custard Pie Dried Apple Pie Lemon Pie, plain Lemon Pie, rich Lemon Pie with two crusts Lemon-Molasses Pie Lemon Potato Pie Orange Pie Vinegar Pie Rhubarb Pie Meringue Pie-plant Pie Rhubarb and Raisin Pie Mince Pie Mock Mince Pie Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie without eggs Squash Pie Raisin Pie Prune Pie Cream Pie Mock Cream Pie Ornamental Cream Pie Cream Berry Tart Strawberry Meringue Chess Pie Custard Pie, plain Custard Meringue Pie Custard Peach Pie Labor-saving Custard Pie Cocoanut Pie Washington Pie Washington Cream Pie Ripe Tomato Pie Green Tomato Pie Zante Currant Pie Sweet Potato Pie Carrot Pie Molasses Pie Huckleberry or Elderberry Pie Peach Pie Dried Peach Pie Currant and Gooseberry Pies Grape Pie Raspberry or Blackberry Pies Cherry Pie Sweet Marlborough Pie Banana Pie Jelly Pie Peach or Apple Cobbler Fried Pies Cranberry Tart Pie Strawberry Tart Pie Tart Shells Tart and Puff Paste Jelly Tarts Chantilly Tarts Lemon Tarts or Fanchonettes Orange Tarts Chocolate Tarts Cream Tarts Cream Puffs Almond Cheese Cakes Bread Cheese Cakes Rice Cheese Cakes Curd Cheese Cakes Strawberry Short-Cake Cream Raspberry Short-Cake Peach Short-Cake Cranberry Short-Cake Apple Short-Cake Sweet Short-Cake Lemon Short-Cake Jelly Short-Cake Orange Short-Cake Epicurean Short-Cake Dumpling Crust Suet Crust Rolled Apple Dumplings Baked Apple Dumplings Lemon Dumplings Peach Dumplings Dough Dumplings Light Dumplings Steamed Apple Dumplings Dessert Noodles Rolled Dumpling or Roly-Poly Fruit Desserts, Baked or Steamed Apple Jonathan Birds Nests Brown Betty Peach Pandowdy Steamed Fruit Puffs. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN CAKE: Fruits for Cakes Flavoring Extract Weights and Measures Frosting Cochineal Coloring Quick Icing Frosting Boiled Frosting Gelatin Frosting Eggless Frosting Chocolate Frosting Boiled Chocolate Frosting Chocolate Cream Frosting Almond Icing Tutti Frutti Frosting Maple Syrup Frosting Wedding Fruit Cake Grooms Cake Brides Cake Fruit Cake Washington Fruit Cake Black Cake White Fruit Cake Royal Fruit Cake Cream Fruit Cake Raised Fruit Cake Apple Fruit Cake Dried Apple Cake Raisin Cake Pork Fruit Cake White Citron Cake Angels Food Cake Sponge Cake Milk Sponge Cake Cream Sponge Cake Velvet Sponge Cake White Sponge Cake Delicate Cake Cornstarch Snow Cake Snowdrift Cake Snowflake Cake Starch Cake Silver Cake Gold Cake Plain Silver Cake Plain Gold Cake Lady Cake Feather Cake Coffee Cake Spice Cake Spice Raisin Cake Marble Cake Red and White Marble Cake Watermelon Cake Marbled Chocolate Cake Chocolate Loaf Cake Cocoanut Loaf Cake Walnut Cake Nut Cake Pound Cake Water Pound Cake Loaf Cake Raised Loaf Cake Quick Raised Loaf Cake Date Loaf Cake Fig Loaf Cake Lincoln Cake 1-2-3-4 Cake Orange Cake Lemon Cake Almond Cake Cider Cake German Coffee Cake German Roll Cake German Apple Cake Bread Cake Cream Cake Abcxs Huckleberry Cake White Mountain Cake Graham Cake Layer Cakes Whipped Cream Filling Almond Cream Filling Cream Filling, Plain Cream Filling Chocolate Filling Chocolate Cream Filling Chocolate Frosting, eggless Cocoanut Frosting, eggless Cocoanut Chocolate Filling Lemon Filling Orange Filling Fig Filling Lemon Jelly Jelly Cake Roll Jelly Cake Layer Cake Sponge Layer Cake Apple Jelly Cake Lemon Jelly Cake White Lemon Jelly Cake Lemon Layer Cake Orange Layer Cake Orange Cake Chocolate Cream Cake Chocolate Caramel Cake Chocolate Layer Cake Chocolate Ribbon Cake Cocoanut Cream Cake Cocoanut Layer Cake Rolled Cream Cake Cream Layer Cake Custard Cake Walnut Layer Cake Ribbon Nut Cake Ribbon Cake Railroad Cake White Layer Cake Ice Cream Cake Ice Cake Ribbon Fig Cake Fig Layer Cake Fruit Layer Cake Spice Layer Cake Prince of Wales Cake Banana Cake Pineapple Cake Cookies, eggless Favorite Cookies Vanilla Cookies Water Cookies Cinnamon Cookies Lemon Cookies Dutch Cookies Caraway Seed Cookies Cream Cookies Fruit Cookies Spice Cookies Frosted Cookies Cocoanut Cookies Hickory-nut Cookies Graham Cookies New Years Cookies Jumbles Lemon Jumbles Almond Jumbles Raised Doughnuts or Nut Cakes Soda Doughnuts Cream Doughnuts Doughnuts Graham Doughnuts Indian Meal Doughnuts Quick Doughnuts Fried Cakes Snow Balls Crullers Vanities Love Knots Hermits Love Cakes Snow Drops Sponge Drops Sweet Wafers Horns of Plenty Cornucopias Chocolate Finger Cakes Lady Fingers Tea Cakes Ginger Cakes Ginger Pound Cake Apple Gingerbread Sponge Gingerbread Honey Gingerbread Layer Gingerbread Fruit Gingerbread Spice Gingerbread Bakers Hard Gingerbread Hard Gingerbread Cream Gingerbread Sorghum Cake Soft Molasses Gingerbread Soft Gingerbread Molasses Cookies Ginger Cookies Bakers Ginger Cookies Boston Ginger Snaps Ginger Snaps. CHAPTER EIGHTEEN PUDDINGS: Old English Plum Pudding Farmers Plum Pudding Yankee Plum Pudding Rich Rice Pudding Baked Rice Pudding Rice Pudding Boiled Rice Pudding Plain Rice Pudding Rice Peach Pudding Rice Apple Pudding Plain Bread Pudding Boiled Bread Pudding Meringue Bread Pudding Danish Tapioca Pudding Tapioca Pudding Peach Tapioca Pudding Apple Tapioca Pudding Tapioca Fruit Pudding Tapioca Cup Pudding Baked Indian Pudding Indian Pudding with Fruit Indian Pudding without Eggs Delmonico Indian Pudding Apple Indian Pudding Boiled Indian Pudding Cherry Batter Pudding Suet Pudding Plain Suet Pudding Hartford Pudding Batter Pudding Salt Pork Pudding Green Corn Pudding Pippin Pudding Apple Custard Pudding Apple Pudding Apple Sago Pudding Sago Pudding Sago Pudding with Pastry Peach Batter Pudding Cocoanut Pudding Corn Starch Pudding Corn Starch Pudding with Custard Dandy Jack Chocolate Pudding Sponge Pudding Snow Pudding with Custard Snow Pudding, plain Lemon Pudding Orange Pudding Transparent Pudding Cracker Pudding Bread and Butter Pudding Perfection Pudding Huckleberry Pudding Cherry and Berry Pudding A steamed loaf Blackberry Pudding Custard Pudding Quaking Pudding Minute Pudding Neetmok Pudding Almond Pudding Gingerbread Pudding Sponge Cake Pudding Prune Pudding Sweet Potato Pudding Fig Pudding Queen of Puddings Princess Pudding Dainty Pudding Rhubarb Pudding White Pudding Cake with Sauce Flummery Graham or Oatmeal Mush Rolled Mince Pudding Cabinet Pudding Oatmeal Pudding Buttermilk Pudding Arrowroot Pudding Lady Sutherland Farina Pudding Hasty Desserts French Pancakes Jelly Cake Fritters Queens Toast No Matters Pudding Sauces Simple Sauce Custard Sauce Hard Gold Sauce Hard Silver Sauce Golden Sauce Silver Sauce Creamy Sauce Cream Sauce Milk Sauce Corn Starch Sauce Date Sauce Lemon Sauce Vanilla Sauce Vinegar Sauce Egg Sauce Jelly Sauce Cider Sauce Maple Sauce Dominion Sauce Cabinet Pudding Sauce Strawberry Sauce Butter Sauce. CHAPTER NINETEEN PRESERVES: Peach Preserves Pear Preserves Quince Preserves Apple and Quince Preserves Apple Preserves Citron Preserves Crab Apple Preserves Tomato Preserves Plum Tomato Preserves Green Tomato Preserves Plum Preserves Wild Plum Preserves Preserved Grapes Preserved Watermelon Rind Muskmelon Preserves Orange Preserves Pineapple Preserves Raspberry Preserves Strawberry Preserves Cherry Preserves Elderberry Preserves Cucumber Preserves Preserved Barberries Currant Preserves Prune Preserves Cranberry Preserves Persimmon Preserves Pumpkin Preserves Sweet Potato Preserves Raspberry Jam Blackberry Jam Strawberry Jam Currant Jam Grape Jam Rhubarb Jam Quince Marmalade Quince Cheese Pear and Quince Marmalade Pear Marmalade Grape Marmalade Lemon Marmalade Peach Marmalade Apple Marmalade Pineapple Marmalade Orange Marmalade Pear Marmalade Plum Marmalade Tomato Marmalade Pear Butter Muskmelon Butter Plum Butter Grape Butter Orange Butter Pumpkin Butter Apple Butter Grape Cheese Tomato Figs Home-made Figs Home-made Citron Peach Paper Preserved Orange and Lemon Peel Dried Plums Dried Peaches, Plums and Apples Dried Peaches Dried Gooseberries Dried Currants, Blackberries and Raspberries Dried Pumpkin Dried Tomatoes.

CHAPTER TWENTY JELLY: Plain and Fancy Currant Jelly White Currant Jelly Apple Jelly Quince and Apple Jelly Crab Apple Jelly Peach Jelly Cherry Jelly Tomato Jelly Pie Plant Jelly Plum Jelly Wild Plum Jelly Cranberry Jelly Gooseberry Jelly Ripe Grape Jelly Green Grape Jelly Huckleberry Jelly Strawberry Jelly Blackberry Jelly Raspberry Jelly Four Fruit Jelly Calfs Foot Jelly Harlequin Jelly Pyramid Jellies Lemon Jelly Orange Jelly Coffee Jelly Cows Heel Jelly Boiled Cider Jelly Quince Jelly. CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE SUMMER DESSERTS: Custards Boiled Custard Baked Custard Cup Custards Rennet Custard Homemade Rennet Rice Custard Chocolate Custard Baked Chocolate Custard Orange Custard Almond Custard Mottled Custard Cream Custard Tapioca Custard Farina Custard Indian Meal Custard Lemon Custard Orange Custard Birds Nest Custard Floating Island Cream Floating Island Floating Island lElegante Orange Sponge Lemon Sponge Charlotte Russe Cream Charlotte Russe Custard Charlotte Russe Cornstarch Charlotte Russe Crème de la Crème Charlotte Russe Coffee Charlotte Russe Tea Charlotte Russe Chocolate Charlotte Russe Orange Charlotte Russe Apple Charlotte Banana Charlotte Fruit Charlotte Chocolate Meringue Apple Meringue Dainty Dishes Apple Snow Apple Trifle Molded Apple Banana Dessert Peach Dessert Fruit Island Cupped Rice Cream Substitute Cheese Tarts Dutch Cheese or Cottage Cheese Smear Kase English Cream Cheese Lemon Syrup Orange Syrup Simple Syrup used for Hot Cakes Nevada Mountain Honey Artificial Cuba Honey Lemon Honey Lemon Butter Ornamental Froth for Blanc Mange or Creams Gelatine Blanc Mange Arrowroot Blancmange Isinglass Blancmange Calfs Foot Blancmange Rice Flour Blancmange Rice Blancmange Almond Blancmange Cornstarch Blancmange Tapioca Blancmange Farina Blancmange Chocolate Blancmange Cream Fruit Blancmange Cornstarch Fruit Blancmange Farina Fruit Blancmange Irish Moss Blancmange Cream Peach Blancmange Harlequin Blancmange Birds Nest Snow Pyramids. CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO CREAMS: Tapioca Cream Chocolate Cream Lemon Cream Orange Cream Almond Cream Snow Cream Winter Snow Cream Caledonia Cream Burnt Cream Velvet Cream Rock Cream Rice Cream Italian Cream Spanish Cream Banana Cream Cornstarch Lemon Cream Peach Cream Orienta Cream Bavarian Cream Strawberry Cream Raspberry Cream Gooseberry Cream Fruit Cream Whipped Cream Whip Syllabub Lemon Snow White Mountain.

CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE ICE CREAM AND SHERBET: Lemon Ice Cream Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Ice Cream Rose Ice Cream Cornstarch Ice Cream Peach Ice Cream Strawberry Ice Cream Fruit Ice Cream Coffee Ice Cream Tea Ice Cream Almond Ice Cream Strawberry Ice Cream Pineapple Ice Cream Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Lemon Sherbet Pineapple Ice Cream Tutti Frutti Orange Ice Cream Apricot Ice Cream Fruit Water Ices Lemon Water Ice. CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR TABLE DRINKS: Rae-a-haut Chocolate Meringued Chocolate Cocoa Shells Coffee Café Au Lait Rye Coffee Tea Iced Tea Sherbets Lemonade Portable Lemonade Orangeade Strawberry Sherbet Boston Cream Nectar Summer Chocolate Home Beverages Sweet Cider Mulled Cider Koumiss or Milk Beer Cream Ginger Beer Root and Bark Beer Hop Beer Harvest Drink Raspberry, Strawberry, Currant or Orange Effervescing Draughts. CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE FRUITS: Ambrosia Pineapple Peaches Oranges Bananas Cocoanut Snow Strawberries Raspberries and Blackberries Watermelon Tea Dish Musk-melon Substitute for Cream Frosted Fruits Grapes Peaches Oranges Small Fruits Apples Crystallized Fruits Candied Fruits Canned Fruits Canning Condensed Canning To Can Grapes To Can Pears To Can Peaches To Can Elderberries To Can Apples and Raisins To Can Pie Plant To Can Plums To Can Cherries for Winter Use Wild Grapes for Winter Use To Can Strawberries To Can Tomatoes To Can Pumpkin Canning without Cooking Canning Corn Fruit Sauce Potted Apples Jellied Apples Apple Compote Spiced Apples Boiled Apples Baked Apples Baked Sweet Apples Cider Apple Sauce Dried Apple Sauce Evaporated Apples Apple Sauce Apple Sauce with Jelly A Delicious Dish of Apples Fried Apples Stewed Quinces Baked Quinces Dried Berries Cranberry Sauce Jellied Cranberries Ruby Sauce Baked Rhubarb Stewed Peaches Peach Compote Fried Peaches To Prepare Fruit for Children Dried Peaches Stewed Prunes. CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX PICKLES AND VINEGAR: Sour Pickles Cucumber Pickles Best Cucumber Pickles Cucumber and Apple Pickles Mustard Cucumber Pickles To Freshen Cucumber Pickles Fall Pickles Mustard Pickles Chow Chow Mixed Chow Chow French Pickles Picca-lilli Sweet Picca-lilli Quick Mustard Pickles Tomato Chowder Melon Mangoes Mango Peppers Sliced Tomato Pickles Commercial Pickles Easy Pickles Pickled Nasturtium Seeds Ripe Tomato Pickles Pickled Cherries Pickled Onions Pickled Artichokes Mushroom Pickles Pickled Cabbage Pickled Red Cabbage Pickled Cauliflower Pickled String Beans Pickled Walnuts To Pickle Corn Pickled Peaches and Apricots Pickled Celery Roots Pickled Carrots Beet Pickles Sweet Pickles Pickled Peaches Spiced Peaches Peach Mangoes Pickled Pears Pickled Apples Pickled Siberian Crab Apples Pickled Watermelon Rinds Pickled Musk Melons Ripe Cucumber Pickles Citron Pickles Tomato Pickles Pickled Cabbage Combination Sweet Pickles Ripe Tomato Sweet Pickles Ripe Grape Pickles Pickled Plums Pickled Cherries Pickled Beets Pickled Berries Pickled Quinces Vinegar Home-made Vinegar Honey Vinegar Beet Vinegar Apple Vinegar Potato Vinegar To Turn Cider into Vinegar Corn Vinegar Sorghum Vinegar Spiced Vinegar for Pickles.

CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN HOME-MADE CANDIES: Molasses Candy Butter Scotch Vinegar Candy Barley Sugar Maple Candy Ice Cream Candy Munich Cream Cream Taffy Peppermint Drops Caramels Maple Caramels Molasses Caramels Chocolate Caramels Maple Chocolate Balls Chocolate Kisses Chocolate Cream Drops Cream Almonds Cream Walnuts Cocoanut Cream Candy Tutti Frutti Cream Candy Date Candy Fruit or Nut Candy Tutti Frutti Fruit Candy Peanut Candy Maple Nut Candy Hickory Nut Candy Popcorn Candy Popcorn Balls Popcorn Horehound Candy Almond Macaroons Cocoanut Macaroons. CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT FRENCH CANDIES: Cream Candy Almond Creams Chocolate Creams Cocoanut Creams Date Creams Chocolate Candy CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE THE TABLE. CHAPTER THIRTY HOUSEKEEPING AND HOUSE-CLEANING. Remember folks, this is an 1896 original. This book is 124 years old. Please be sure to add me to your List of Favorite Sellers. Don't miss out on any of my latest listings. NEETMOK BOOKS IS A REGISTERED MEMBER OF EBAYS VERO PROGRAM. When you prepare your listings you generally should use only material text, photographs, etc. And trademarks/names that you created or own yourself or licensed from the owners. Item description text; lists of contents, lists of illustrations/photos; scanned images, etc. UNAUTHORIZED USE OF ITEM DESCRIPTION TEXT INCLUDING SUMMARIES OF CONTENTS, ILLUSTRATIONS, ETC.

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  • Year Printed: 1896
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Topic: Basic, General Cooking
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Region: North America
  • Author: Cooke
  • Subject: Cooking
  • Original/Facsimile: Original
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: North American Publishing Company
  • Place of Publication: Chicago
  • Special Attributes: Illustrated

1896 RARE VICTORIAN COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery Pastry Confectionery ANTIQUE OLD   1896 RARE VICTORIAN COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery Pastry Confectionery ANTIQUE OLD