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1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare

1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare
1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare
1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare
1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare
1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare
1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare
1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare
1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare
1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare
1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare
1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare
1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare

1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare    1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare
KING'S PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS OF NEW YORK. Published by Moses King, Boston Mass.

7½ x 5¾ art decorated cloth hardcover. Illustrated with more than 450 historic black and white views of Old New York City.

Exterior as shown in photo. Pages are clean and complete.

No torn, loose or missing pages. All things considered, a good example of this very rare New York City title.

Here is an incredible 125-year-old collection of photographs of New York City as it looked in 1895, published by the 19th-century's leading producer of New York photo views, Moses King. Most photos are presented in full-page size, with a sponsorship ad on the facing page (in most cases advertising for the firm whose building/store/other is featured in the photograph). Without question, this is the finest period collection of old New York photos that I have ever seen.

Among the buildings and storefronts included in this volume are names you'll instantly recognize -- Lord & Taylor, Brentano's, Delmonico's, Tiffany, Brooks Brothers, Westinghouse -- and many more that have fallen through the cracks of time. You'll see the famous financial institutions of Wall Street, the great newspaper publishing houses of Park Row, the wharves and warehouses of Fulton St. The opulent residences of Fifth Avenue, legendary hotels like the Plaza, the Waldorf, the Dakota and many others. There are photographic views of Blackwell's Island, the Battery, Madison Square Garden, Broadway, the churches of Manhattan, the factories of Brooklyn, the steamships of the North River and so much more! Description of to-day makes history of the future. Accurate pictures are the most vivid descriptions. They are so arranged as to form a practical route-guide book.

The stranger who will follow the route or order of these pictures will see the city in the easiest and shortest manner. Copies of this book are vanishing into personal libraries, becoming more and more scarce with each passing year. In order to give you the most accurate description of this very rare and highly collectible 116-year-old book, I have provided some helpful details below. For your convenience, I have arranged them in categories (although as I said earlier, they appear by street in the book).

At the bottom of this page, you can see some of the photos for yourself. I hope you'll take a few moments to have a look.

Army Building, showing East River and Brooklyn View of lower New York showing Whitehall St. And Governor's Island Broadway at its beginning, showing junction of Whitehall, State, Beaver and Stone Sts. Bird's eye view from the Washington Bldg looking northwest Lower Broadway, 1892, looking north from Bowling Green Wall St. Showing south side from William St.

To Trinity Church Trinity Church spire & view looking to southwest Wall St. Southeast corner of Broad St. Before erection of the Mills Bldg.

And the Mechanics National Bank bldg Northeast view from Manhattan Life tower Northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast views view from tower of Mutual Life Bldg, Nassau St Bird's eye view of North River side of lower New York Bird's eye view of Broadway, northward from Pine St. Views of New York City looking southeast, north, southwest, northwest, east-northeast and west from the "World" dome Broadway looking north from the Post Office Broadway, west side, from Murray to Warren St in 1863 Broadway, opposite City Hall, 1892 Birds eye view of City Hall, City Hall Park and Broadway Birds eye view of Union Square and Union Square Hotel View of Fifth Avenue, north from 40th St Fifth Avenue north from 42d St Birds eye view of East River and Brooklyn Bridge Cable Cars on the East River (Brooklyn) Bridge Brooklyn Bridge Promenade Brooklyn or East River Bridge Old City of Federal Hall, Trinity Church and Wall Street in 1789 Photos taken after Blizzard of March 11, 12, & 13, 1888 Fourth Avenue looking north from Union Square The Bowery, north from Canal St The Bowery north from Grand St Grand St, east from the Bowery Third Avenue Elevated Railroad, looking south from 9th St station Madison Square Park Broadway, at its crossing of Fifth Avenue East 14th St, from University Place to Fifth Avenue Loew Bridge, Fulton St. & Broadway North River Bridge from West 22nd St to Hoboken Wall St. From the Sub-Treasury to Trinity Church Washington Bridge across the Harlem River Croton Aqueduct Bridge over the Harlem River Woodlawn Cemetery Broadway, north of Eleventh St Madison Square Garden Tower View Madison Square Garden, Madison & Fourth Avenue Broadway, west side, from Chambers to Murray St Broadway, opposite Post Office Maiden Lane looking toward Broadway Street scene, Baxter St Herald Square, Broadway Fourteenth St. & Broadway Unloading Bananas from foreign fruit vessels, North River between Fulton and Barclay St City Hall from Broadway to Park Row Bird's-eye view of Coney Island showing the beach, the station & the Iron Pier Delmonico's restaurant Washington Memorial Arch, Washington Square U. Post Office, Broadway City Hall, City Hall Park County Court House, Broadway Berkeley School for Boys, West 44th St Fifth Avenue, north of 44th St. Miss Brown's School for Girls, Fifth Avenue The Kemp Residences on Fifth Avenue Cornelius Vanderbilt Mansion, Fifth Avenue The Metropolitan Club, sometimes called "The Mil1ionaires' Club" Edward J. Berwind's Residence, Fifth Avenue John Jacob Astor's Residence, Fifth Avenue Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park near Fifth Avenue Normal College, Park and Lexington Avenues The Presbyterian Hospital, Madison Avenue Charles L. Tiffany Residence, Madison Ave Cooper Union in June, 1893 Grand Central Station, 42d St American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West Metropolitan Opera House Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), Fourth Avenue Tomb of General U.

Marquand's Residence, Madison Avenue Seventh Regiment Armory, Park & Lexington Avenues The Union League Club, Fifth Avenue. Central Park Views: Central Park Skating Pond in front of the Dakota Apartment House Central Park Boat House and Lake Central Park Statues, Busts and Ornaments Central Park Statues and Ornamental Work Central Park Ornamental Structures Central Park Statues and Busts Central Park Views: Casino, Lover's Walk, Rock Tunnel, the Mall, Eagle Cage. Hotels, Apartment Buildings: The Plaza Hotel, Fifth Avenue Westminster Hotel, Sixteenth St Union Square and the Everett House Hotel Park Avenue Hotel, Park Avenue Hotel Cambridge, Fifth Avenue Hotel Waldorf (The Waldorf), Fifth Avenue Holland House, Fifth Avenue The Gerlach Hotel, West 27th St Imperial Hotel, 32d St Palmer's Theatre, Broadway Margaret Louisa Home, East 16th St Central Park Apartment Buildings, 59th St. Hotel Marie Antoinette, 66th St Broadway Central Hotel, Broadway The Windsor Hotel, Fifth Avenue Fifth Avenue Hotel Hoffman House Hotel, Madison Square The Belgravia "Fire Proof Apartment House, " Fifth Avenue The Kemp Fire-Proof Apartment House, Fifth Avenue The Buckingham Hotel, Fifth Avenue St Cloud Hotel, Broadway Hotel Wellington, 42d St Grand Union Hotel, 42d St Hotel Netherland, Fifth Avenue Hotel Savoy, Fifth Avenue The Hotel Majestic, Central Park West.

Manhattan Trust Company bldg, Wall St. Washington Statue in front of U. Sub-Treasury Washington Centennial Exercises, 1889, at U.

Sub-Treasury Mills Building, Broad St. Mechanics National Bank bldg, Wall St. Gallatin National Bank bldg, Wall St. Metropolitan Trust Bldg, Wall St. South side, from William to Nassau St.

Of New York bldg, Wall St. Merchants' National Bank bldg, Wall St.

Bank of America bldg, Wall St Maitland, Phelps & Co. United States Branch Bank Corner Stone National City Bank of New York, Wall St. Central Trust Company of New York bldg, Wall St.

Hanover Nat'l Bank bldg, Nassau & Pine Sts Mercantile National Bank abcxs bldg, Broadway Lawrence Frazier & Co. Bldg, Trinity Place Washington Trust Co.

Of New York, Pine St. Bldg Commercial Union Assurance Co. 20, Fulton St Southern Railway Co, "Piedmont Air Line, " building, Broadway Southern Pacific Company "Morgan Line" Bldg, foot of North Moore St Southern Pacific Company's Steamship, "El Sud" Cable Power House of Lexington Avenue Cable, Metropolitan Traction Co. Newspapers, Publishers, Booksellers: New York Daily News Building, Park Row "New York Times" Building, Park Row The "New York Herald" Building, Herald Square "The Sun" and "The Tribune" bldgs, Park Row "The Morning Journal" bldg, Park Row "The Sun" Building, Park Row The "World" Building, Park Row Perry's Pharmacy in the "World" Building, Park Row The New York Press bldg, Park Row Commercial & Financial Chronicle bldg, Pine St.

Stechert Books & Periodicals storefront, Broadway "The Churchman" offices, Lafayette Place Fowler & Wells Co. Publishers and Phrenologists, East 21st St Banks & Brothers Law Book Publishers, Murray St Leggatt Bros. Coffee Merchants bldg 0ffice and warehouse of Daniel Talmadge & Co.

Dan Talmage's Sons, Rice Merchants, Wall St. Havemeyer and Brooklyn Houses American Sugar Refining Company Offices, Wall St. Spices Extracts & Condiments, Water St. Van Houten's Cocoa advertising at corner of Worth and Hudson St "Van Houten's Cocoa" Building, Reade St American Grocery Company Bldg, Reade St Potter-Farlin Company Manufacturers & Importers, Duane St H. Wholesale Dry Goods, Worth St V. Henry Rothschild Building Francis H. S Wholesale Grocery Warehouse, Franklin St Bogle & Scott Fancy Groceries and Canned Goods, Hudson St.

Morrison & Son Laces, Trimming, Millinery & Dress Goods, Broadway Brooks Brothers, Merchant Tailors, Ready-Made Clothing and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Broadway New York Biscuit Manufactory, Largest Cracker Manufactory in the World, Tenth Avenue Central Stores of Terminal Warehouse Company, Eleventh Avenue Hope Confectionary Establishment, Nassau St Lord & Taylor's Dry Goods Establishment, Grand St S. Dean & Sons Mustard & Licorice Works W. Dean Mustard & Licorice Factory, Washington St Neetmok Interior views of B.

Fischer Teas Coffees Spices & Mustard "Fischer Mills" Building, Greenwich St Genessee Fruit Co. Bldg, West St Calhoun Robbins & Co. Wholesale Fancy Dry Goods, Broadway Best & Co. Liliputian Bazaar, Complete Outfitters for Children, West 23d St F. Clothing and Men's Furnishings, Fulton St Borgfeldt Importing Commission Merchants, Washington Place Smith Hogg & Gardner Dry Goods Commission Mills & Gibb Importers abcxs of Lace, Broadway St. Ladies Garments, Suits and Cloaks, West 23d St Charles T. Jones, Gloves Hosiery, Underwear, Etc.

Broadway Potter & Stymus Furniture, Lexington Avenue Sears & White Stationers & Printers building Bradstreet Mercantile Building, Broadway Tefft Weller & Co. Wholesale Dry Goods, Broadway Garner & Co. Dry Goods Commission, Worth St Mayor Lane & Co. Plumbers Supplies, White St Longley Bros Woolens & Worsted Coatings, Union Square John Boyle & Co. Mantels Sash and Woodwork, Hudson St Hornthal, Weissman & Co.

Wholesale Clothing Mfg, Broadway The "Farmers" and the "West Washington" Market, West St Baker Smith & Co. Heating and Ventilating Apparatus, South Fifth Avenue Spencerian Pen Company, Broome St Flint Furniture Upholstery and Decorations, West 23d St. Ringler Engravers and Electrotypers, Barclay St Bawo & Dotter Manufacturers Importers & Commission Merchants, Barclay St Park Row, opposite Post Office New York Belting & Packing Co.

And the Mechanical Rubber Co. Park Row Bliven & Carrington, Lubricating Oils and Greases, Front St Schieren & Co. Leather Belting and Lace Leather, Ferry St R. Printing Press and Saw Works, Columbia St.

Watch Case Manufacturers, Maiden Lane Henry M. Anthony, Manufacturers Agent, Reade St Tower Manufacturing and the Franklin Typewriter Building, Broadway Bulkley Dunton & Co Paper Manufacturers, Duane St Otis Brothers & Co.

Elevator Works Yonkers Manufactory Ansonia Clock Company Factory, Brooklyn Henry J. Worthington Hydraulic Works, Elizabethtown NJ Sprague Electric Elevator Factory, Wattessing NJ Doherty's Description Co. Iron Clad Manufacturing Co, Brooklyn The Singer Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co. Elizabethtown NJ Refinery of Warren Chemical amd Mfg Co. Long Island City Freedman Bros, Manufacturers of Wholesale Cloaks and Suits F.

Paints and Varnishes Bldg, Fulton St Standard Oil Company bldg Western Electric Building, Greenwich St New York Heat, Light and Power Co. Jewelers, Silversmiths: Benedict Brothers Jewelers bldg, Broadway Randel, Baremore & Billings, Diamond Merchants, Maiden Lane S. Jewelers, bldg, Maiden Lane Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company, Fourth Avenue R.

Wallace & Sons Silversmiths, Fifth Avenue Gorham Manufacturing Co. Silversmiths, Broadway Gilman, Collamore & Co. Fine China Glass and Pottery, Fifth Avenue. Religious: Trinity Church Trinity Church bronze doors New York Historical Society and Baptist Tabernacle, Second Ave Bible House of the American Bible Society, Third Avenue Grace Church, Broadway "The Christian Advocate" Methodist Book Concern and Mission House, Fifth Avenue St Mary the Virgin, West 45th St St Luke's, Hudson St St Michael's, Amsterdam Ave St.

Paul's Chapel, Broadway General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church, Chelsea Square Altar of St. Patrick's Cathedral St Patrick's Cathedral, Fifth Avenue Zion & St.

Timothy, West 57th St Temple Emanu-el, Hebrew Synagogue, Fifth Avenue Cathedral of St. John's the Divine, Morningside Park Collegiate Reformed Church, West End Avenue The American Tract Society, Nassau St. Blackwell's Island: Blackwe1l's Island Institutions: Charity Hospital Nurses Home Insane Asylum Receiving Dept. Penitentiary Workshops Almshouse Hospital Episcopal Church Catholic Church Insane Asylum Female Insane Pavilion Nurses Home Charity Hospital Almshouse Chapel Nurses Home Charity Hospital Steamer Landing Light House Warden's Residence.

Other Views: Mission and Emigrant Houses - State Street Henry W. Offices John Osborn, Son & Co. Milhau & Son, Pharmacist, Broadway Downing Building, Fulton St Market and Fulton Bldg, Fulton St Potter Building, Park Row Vanderbilt Building, Nassau St Temple Court, Beekman St Morse Building, Nassau St Metropolitan Realty Bldg, William St AH Kellogg, Printer, Pearl St Postal-Telegraph Cable Company bldg, Broadway HH Upham & Co.

Painters & Signmakers, South Fifth Avenue Rouss Building, Broadway The Cable Building, Broadway F. Packing Establishment, Mott St O.

Potter Trust bldg, Bleecker St Jefferson Market Police Court, Sixth Avenue Astor Library, Lafayette Place O. Potter Trust Astor Place bldg Clinton Hall, Mercantile Library and Astor Place Bank Stuyvesant Place The Langtrea Building, Broadway Broadway building of O. Youve just seen about 50 of the amazing 19th-century photos in this book BUT there are still 400 you havent seen yet! What are you waiting for?

Remember folks, this is an 1895 First Edition of a very desirable and scarce Moses King New York City title -- with the rare folding MAP! This book is 116 years old. Please be sure to add me to your List of Favorite Sellers. Don't miss out on any of my latest listings.

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  • Year Printed: 1895
  • Topic: New York City
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Region: North America
  • Author: Moses King
  • Subject: Americana
  • Original/Facsimile: Original
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Moses King
  • Place of Publication: Boston
  • Special Attributes: 1st Edition

1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare    1895 New York City Antique Photo Book Architecture Commerce Buildings Parks Rare