Rare Antique Books

Leather (1/19)

  • 1613 Seneca Philosophi Leather Bound Antique Folio In Latin Rare
  • Antique Miniature Leather Bound Bible W Lectern In Original Box, Rare
  • Antique Book Flavius Josephus The Jewish War Leather Bound Rare Judaica
  • The Odyssey, Homer Rare Antique 1883 Ornate Victorian Leather Classic Adventure
  • Rare Town & City Atlas State New Hampshire 1892 Hurd 3/4 Leather Large 18x15
  • Leather Setencyclopedia Of Antiquities, Medieval Archeology! First Edition 1825
  • Rare 1892 Antique Leather Holy Bible Self Pronouncing Edition Light Of The World
  • Rare Antique Brown's Self Interpreting Leather Family Bible (c 1800s)
  • 1811 Antique Leather History Book A Picture Of Philadelphia Rare
  • Rare 1884 Catholic Antique Family Bible Haydock Douay Rheims. 22kt Gold Leather