Rare Antique Books

Binding (1/6)

  • Beautiful 17th Century Rare Bible In Fine'dentelle' Binding With Silver 1672
  • Old & Rare Italian Book In Fine Binding With Bishop's Coat Of Arms -1699
  • 1891 Elizabethean Poems Leather Fine Binding Rare Antique Book Vtg 1st Ed Gift
  • Chignon Bible' Extremely Rare Miniature Bible 1752, In Red Morocco Binding
  • La Sainte Bible Very Rare Miniature Bible 1752 In Red Gilded Leather Binding
  • Homer's Iliad & Odyssey/trojan War/greek Epic/ 1783 Rare Antique Fine Binding
  • Lays Of Ancient Rome Narrative Poems/roman History Rare Antique Fine Binding
  • The Chelsea Bindery Show The Processes Of Book Binding
  • Rare #22/ 26 Cambridge Edition Dryden 5 Vol Antique Leather Stamped Fine Binding
  • Poe, Edgar Allan Poems Rare Antique Gilt Victorian Fine Binding 1887 Illustrated