Rare Antique Books

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  • Leather Setencyclopedia Of Antiquities, Medieval Archeology! First Edition 1825
  • 1811 Antique Leather History Book A Picture Of Philadelphia Rare
  • The Kingdom Of Italy Under Barbarian Rule 1667 Rome Fall Antique Old Rare Book
  • Rare Antique 1902 Complete Set Of 20 Young Folks' Library Children's Books
  • A Description Of The Northern People 1652 Nordic Germanic History Rare Antique
  • Two Rare Books From 1711 In Fine Gilded Bindings With 119 Engravings Of Saints
  • History Of The German Peasants' Wars. First Edition(1570). Antique Book Rare
  • Sold $3500 Ex Rare Antique 1887 History American Indian Tribes War Massacres
  • Rare Old Antique Leather Book 1719 Military Armies Weapons Illustrated Prints
  • Antique Arithmetic Book American Accomptant 1st Illus. Us Coin $ Sign Rare C1797