Rare Antique Books

Region > Europe (1/18)

  • Olfert Dapper Africa 1668 With Many Engravings And Maps Extremely Rare
  • Old & Rare Prayerbook 1766 With Beautiful Silver Clasps And Floral Decorations
  • Don Quixote 1828 Cervantes Antique Leather Binding, Complete 4 Vol Set Very Rare
  • Antique Medical Book Robert Whytt 1765 First Edition Psychiatry Rare
  • Antique 1671 Experimenta Insectorum Natural History Redi Science Entomology Rare
  • 1883 Victorian Fairy Tales Illustrated Antique Fantasy Magic Witch Elf Rare Book
  • 1571 De Illorum Daemonum Pictorius Witchcraft Extremely Rare
  • 1550 Liber Octo Questionum Trithemius Witchcraft Extremely Rare
  • 1491 Two Rare Fundamental Incunabula Of Canon Law In A Fine Contemporary Binding
  • Antique Book Flavius Josephus The Jewish War Leather Bound Rare Judaica