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ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day

ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day
ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day
ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day
ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day
ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day
ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day
ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day
ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day
ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day
ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day
ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day
ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day

ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day    ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day
Note: Many of my clients are expert chefs and food service professionals, homemakers, and aspiring Chopped Champions seeking detailed information about their preferred fields of cuisine. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book. In this Book (Partial Only, See Full Contents Below): Antique Cookbook Vintage Victorian Cookery Cook Cooking Chef Kitchen Cuisine Recipes Receipts Housewife Housekeeper Home Homemaker Parlor Dining Room Cottage Furnishing Decoration Marriage Husband Wife Women Etiquette Family Life Domestic Service Household Daily Life Hospitality Children Mothers Babies Kitchen Breakfast Menu Bills of Fare Meals Entrees Bread Puddings Desserts Sauces Eggs Seafood Fish Meat Steaks Beef Soups Vegetables Souffle Confectionery Appetizers Side Dishes Salads Muffins Cakes Pies Pastry Custard Biscuits Ice Cream Sandwiches Boiling Broiling Roasting Baking Fricassee Christmas Dinner Fruit Jellies Preserves Preserving Pickling Marmalades Family Children Son Daughter Boys Girls Housekeeping. HOUSE AND HOME: A Complete Housewifes Guide.

Published in 1889 by Union Publishing, New York. 9 x 7.5 cloth hardcover. Illustrated with original engravings, including color plates. Inner hinges starting but still holding well. Some foxing and kitchen stains at the front, but otherwise text is clean and complete.

No torn, loose or missing pages. NOTE: I recently acquired a wonderful collection of antique cookbooks, receipts books, etc. If you love to collect these old volumes of cookery, "domestic economy, " formularies, etc. I urge you to visit my auctions frequently to see what each new day brings. Thank you for your interest in my books. This is Marion Harlands HOUSE AND HOME, or A Complete Housewifes Guide. This enormous book combines chapter upon chapter of practical household advice with a large collection of more than 500 cooking recipes arranged as seasonal bills of fare. She lived at Pompton, New Jersey. Under her pen name, Marion Harland, she published 25 novels and three volumes of short stories over the course of her lifetime. But she also wrote an almost equal number of cookery books and books of household/homemaking instruction and advice, including such gems as Cottage Cookery. HOUSE AND HOME is pure Marion Harland. Her prose style is witty, barbed, outspoken and unmistakably feminist (if she were alive today, she would have her own TV show on cable).

She ably leads the reader through the rituals of the household, explaining the requirements and expectations of a successful housewife. At the same time, she takes on the role of mentor, relying on her own experience to show young wives how to avoid being taken for granted or treated like servants by their husbands. Take a peek at the Contents below. By the chapter summaries alone, youll see that Mrs. Harland was no shrinking violet.

Further down the page, I have summarized the many different cookery recipes found in the book. You can also see some of the charming color and other illustrations. HOUSE AND HOME is a wonderful period item and a fine example of why Marion Harlands works have proven so desirable to collectors over the years.

I hope youll take a few moments to have a look. CHAPTER ONE THE HOUSEKEEPER AND THE HOME-MAKER: Every House has a Keeper. Lowest Form of Human Living. Is Her Life Worth Living? Keeping House not Wisely, but Too Well. " My House" and "Our Home". CHAPTER TWO IF NOT STRAW STUBBLE: The Esthetic Craze, and its Effects upon American Homes. Respectable Specimens of Our Homes. The Substantial Three-Story-Brick, and How it is Furnished.

Honest John's Views on the Subject. Husbandly and Wifely Conferences, anent Changes. The Quiet-Eyed Woman who Loves Beauty.

Modern Manuals "There is No Use Trying" The Back- Parlor. Japanese Drapery and Family Portraits. Reconciliation of Carpet and Wall-Paper.

"Strengthen the Things that Remain" The Front-Room. CHAPTER THREE THE DINING-ROOM, MEALS AND SERVING: Ingenious Architect's Utopian Plan. The Genteel Tank in which People Eat. Make the Best of what is.

A Meal a Graceful Ceremony. The Dumb Man's Visible Thought. Baron Trenck's Etched Pannikins.

Care of and Respect for Dainty Wares. Living up to the Old Blue Teapot. How "Father" Carves and Helps.

College Sons'and Society Girls. Mothers over Fifty Years Old. Too Late to Rectify Little Matters which are Not Trifles. How to Wait and be Waited Upon.

CHAPTER FOUR COTTAGE FURNISHING: What is a Cottage? Barbarism of White Paint and Green Blinds. Hard- Wood Floors, and Painted Boards. Sanitary Rugs and the Week's Work.

Farmeress and Her Taypestry Brussels. YOURSELF, Your Mark Books are Aristocrats. How to take off the Edges of the Strictly Useful. Extremes of Scantiness and Crowding. CHAPTER FIVE LICENSED BEGGAR, OR BUSINESS PARTNER: Loveless Marriage, Legalized Crime.

Truest happiness Found in Marriage. Nice Every-Day, Pretty Well-Satisfied Couples. The Great Majority of Couples.

A Good Thing that Might be Made Better. The Scorpion-Lash that Drives Wives Mad.

Wives Should not Mind Being Treated as Paupers, But they do. Man the Bread Winner; Woman the Bread Eater. The Old, Old, Hateful Story. Ole' Marster an' My Chillun. And the Penciled Butcher's Bill.

And How She Duped Her John. A Guild of Privileged Paupers. Ask Them how They Like It. Representative John to the Front.

Would You Have My Wife Earn Her Own Living? Flattening the Base of the Egg.

Solomon Grundy and His Query The Etiquette of Family Life. CHAPTER SIX THE ETIQUETTE OF FAMILY LIFE: Another Fellow's Sister.

Grace Over the Whole Barrel. Philemon Nemo and Baucis Definition of Courtship Temporary Insanity. Breakfast in the Nemo Household.

Sentiment Dies Hard in Women. A Savage in Every Man.

Model Daughter and Gray-haired Father. The Inference is Patent One of Two Things is Wrong. The Responsibility of Wives in this Matter. The Husband Has Gone Out of the Business Taking the Boys Down.

Seed of an Ugly Plant The Toss-and-Tumble Style of Home Life Crockery Platters and Garnished Porcelain We Understand Each Other. Sincere and Sweet, and Sincere and Sour. Hearts Won are Not Hearts Kept. A Simple Rule of Action.

CHAPTER SEVEN THE VEXED QUESTION DOMESTIC SERVICE IN AMERICA: English Journal and American Manual. Are there No Servants in the United States?

English "Servantgalism" Continental Pikes and Butcher-knives. If no Servant, No Mistress.

English Phillis and English Abigail. Service as Truly a Trade as Millinery. " Miss "Howard, Halyburton and Hamilton. Ellen and the Country Aunt. Me Mother's Sister, Mem!

The Cross of Living Out. The Head the Only Indispensable Member of the Corporation.

" The Girl "Holds the Winning Card. " A Stiff-Ticket" Reference a la mode. Margaret's Tricks and Drawbacks. Only Safe and Honorable Thing To Do. Nine Cases Out of Ten.

Ten Cases Out of Ten. Rule that Should Work Both Ways.

The "Hard Place" a Small Pox Placard Curses to be Shunned for Others as for Ourselves. A Word of Caution A Paragon in Every Hireling Not To Be Expected. Is Any Day Less Convenient? " Steam, Stress and General "Stew of Washing-Day. Tommy Snooks and Betsey Brooks.

Abrupt Change Prom Day of Rest. Monday Like a Cold Snap in Spring. One Mother's Pretty Device. Astonishing Slowness of Apprehension and Narrowness of Mind. What the Brave Lady of the Future Will Do, Haunting Demon of Civilization.' Lettice of Warwick; Elizabeth of Hungary; Katherine Parr; Lady Lothrop. And the Washlady's Husband. Resolution of the Board of Management. Refinement of Sarcasm Arrogant Claim of Silly Illiteracy.

The Royal Name of Woman. Ruskin's Deliverance on this Subject.

Correspondent Title to Lady being Lord. No Below-stairs in a Republic.

Action, Not Condition, Makes the Noble Man or Woman. Tottering on the Main Truck Lady-Help Wanted. CHAPTER TEN MOUSE OR RAT?

Stubborn Effort to Set Other People Right. Story of Vulgar Fellow in His Carriage, and Gentleman Driving a Wagon. Hard To Allow One's Friends To Be Mistaken. Restiveness of Reformer Under Criticism. Web not of our Weaving, Nor For Our Wear.

Let Others Enjoy Their Opinions. If They Annoy Yon, Get Away From Them. CHAPTER ELEVEN HOUSEHOLD WORRIES: Woman's Daily Life, One Part Work and Three Parts Worry; A Man's, One Part Worry and Three Parts Work. Men Are Courageous, Women Patient. Not My Way of Doing Business!

Difference in Man's and Woman's Method. Usually the Woman Has None. Veteran Housekeepers and Printed Manuals.

Keeps a Dog and Does His Own Barking. Dohertys Description Hands and Assistants. Wife's Agony of Self-Upbraiding.

The Large Establishment No Exception. The Most Defenceless Class in the Community. An Uneasy Ocean Casting Up Mire and Dirt.

Household Worries Should Be Superficial. Woman in Insane Asylum Polishing One Window-pane. CHAPTER TWELVE VISITED: Is Hospitality a Duty? Latch-string superseded by Spring-bolt and patent Key. The quid pro quo of Receiving and Entertaining.

"Quite one of The Family" Young Girls in Virginia Country House. Flying One's Own Colors.

The English Method of Giving Invitations. Unconscious Impertinence of Coming Some Other Time. Visitor of the Spongiest Type. CHAPTER THIRTEEN VISITOR: "Hospitate" Crust of the Loaf. Successful Hosts depend upon Appreciative Guests.

Can't you let me off this once? One Guest, and His Exactions. Mungo Park and Zulu Woman.

Too Late, and Too Early. Do not Gossip of your Host. CHAPTER FOURTEEN WITH OUR GIRLS: Heaven Help the Men. Requisites for Spinster, and for Wife. Our Girl Speaks Her Mind.

The Man who Knows No Better. The Man who Means Well. CHAPTER FIFTEEN OUR VOICES: Pompeiian Guide upon American Voices. Family Party at Delmonico's. Quality and Key of Voice.

Use of Soft Pedal and Legato Movement Heredity. Ben Jonson and John Sylvester. CHAPTER SIXTEEN HOW WE SPEAK: Common Sense and Sad Experience. Go Astray as Soon as Born, Speaking Double Negatives. Magnificent Woman and Her Speech.

Self-Made Man and Murdered English. When the Foible becomes Guilt. Impossible to Speak Too Well.

What We Owe to Our Mother Tongue, and to Ourselves. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN THE CANDY CURSE: Candy-Eating Babies.

Girl of Fourteen and Her Bedside Comforter. Sugar as an Exclusive Article of Diet. Edson's Analysis of Poisonous Candy. Natural Taste for Sweets, A Feminine Vice.

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN WITH OUR BOYS: William Wirt Small, Sweet Courtesies of Life. Gentleman of the Old School. Etiquette of Men's Hats.

Our Boys, and Graceful Ways. Undue Familiarity of Speech Leads to Freedom of Touch. Womankind, and Respect due Them As Such. CHAPTER NINETEEN OUR BOYS AND OUR BOYS FATHER: Anecdote of Boston Clergyman and Deacon. The Only Way to Cure Your Boy!

Girls like Hop-Vines, are Brought Up. Dick's Evenings at Home.

Bumptiousness and What It Means. Mothers somehow make Allowances for Everything Out Again? CHAPTER TWENTY LITERARY LIFE OF THE HOUSEHOLD: Literary Life of the Household Some Households have None. Rising Man without Early Advantages.

Business Man and The Newspaper. No Higher Mission than the Mothers. The Woman who Will Read. CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE WOMEN AS MOTHERS: Reasons why Women should not Vote.

No Training for Maternal Office. CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO OUR BABY: Queen. All the Difference in the World.

Husband's Work and The Wife's. Living Over Our Own Lives Again.

CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE VAGARIES OF THE AMERICAN KITCHEN: Twenty-Seven Religions and One Gravy. Our Housewife's Warm, Substantial Breakfast. Drained Dishes and Undrained Vegetables. Jamestown Tower and Plymouth Rock.

Sooty Idol Hope for the National Cuisine. CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR BREAKFAST AS IT SHOULD BE: Breakfast as it Should Be Our Movable Feasts. Why We do not Adopt Paterfamilias utters His Mind. Goblin Care at Early Morning. Father at Breakfast Behind Newspaper.

Bill-of-Fare, and How to Eat Breakfast. CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE THE TEA TABLE: Yorkshire Tea, Eighty Years Ago. Our Big and Varied Teas. Dry, Cold and Cheerless Evening Meal. Our Best China and Sunday Nights.

Means of Grace and Beauty. CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX WHAT OUR CHILDREN EAT: Dr. Fothergill upon Food for the Nursery. Two-Year-Old Baby and Wind-fall Pears. Bobby's Breakfast, Dinner and Supper. Why the Trial-Balance does not come out Right. American Lad upon Diet of Princes. PART TWO INTRODUCTION TO MENUS.

SPRING BILLS OF FARE 125 Recipes Arranged in Bills of Fare for Breakfast, Luncheon and Dinner: Hashed Potatoes, Browned Lady Cake Catfish Soup Larded Liver Canned Corn Pudding Stewed Tomatoes Russian Cream Graham Porridge Fried Tripe Rice Muffins Fried Potatoes Meringued Eggs Welsh Rarebit Prudences Gingerbread, without eggs Cocoa-theta aCorn Soup Boiled Cod Egg Sauce Baked Mutton Chops Baked Spaghetti Fried Bananas 0range Pudding Fresh Mackerel Farina Cakes Galantine Minced Potatoes Cress Salad Asparagus Soup Boiled Bass Roast Sweetbreads and Peas Young Onions o Belles Bright Thought Wheat Germ Meal Broiled Shad Melissas Shortcake Scalloped Fish Deviled Biscuits Pop Overs Mulligatawney Soup Imitation Terrapin Succotash Marmalade Pudding Fruit Graham Flakes Apples and Bacon Corn Bread Salmon Fingers Dressed Potatoes Corn Starch Hasty Pudding Hasty Pudding Sauce Fish Bisque Roast Sweetbreads Imitation Spaghetti Rice and Tomato Graziela Pudding Eggs in Toast Cups Savory Rice and Brains Tomato and Lettuce Salad Ambrosia Neetmok Soup Clam Soup Leg of Mutton with Caper Sauce Lobster Salad with Cream Mayonnaise Crushed Strawberry Ice Cream White Cake Milk and Rice Porridge Shad au Gratin Aunt Chloes Muffins Chicken Croquettes Home-Made Crackers Cornmeal Cup Cake White Soup Veal and Ham Cutlets Asparagus Young Beats Strawberry Trifle 0atmeal Gruel Curried Eggs Flapjacks Mock Snipe Rice Pilau Coarse Hominy Potato Rolls Fried Pigs Feet. Breaded Buttered Toast Roe Omelette Steamed Brown Bread Stewed Potatoes Chocolate Pure Maigre Baked Shad Beefsteak with Sherry Sauce Sauce Spinach au naturel Suet and Sago Pudding Neapolitan Sauce Wheat Germ Meal Porridge Ragout of Liver Egg Biscuit Watercresses Strawberries Clam Scallops Deviled Tongue Brown Potato Soup Shad Baked with Wine Sauce Larded Leg of Mutton Green Peas Stewed Macaroni Strawberry Shortcake Brewis Cornmeal Dodgers Deviled Beef in Batter Scalloped Cod, Halibut or Salmon Oranges Cut up with Sugar Tomato Bisque Chicken Fricasee Bermuda Onions, Stuffed Potato Croquettes Chocolate Trifle Milk Porridge Brown Stew of Liver Egg Gems Broiled Smoked Salmon Sweetbread Salad Oatmeal Scones Cream Soup Glazed Cod Larded Chickens Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce Fatimas Pudding Baked Fish Cake Scrambled Eggs Corn Cakes String Bean Salad Fried Bananas Chicken Bisque Brisket of Beef a la Mode Stewed Corn Lima Beans Browned Sweet Potatoes Batter Pudding Cream Sauce Mush and Milk Oyster Omelette Waffles Stewed Potatoes o Rechauffe of Fish Tomato Toast Crackers and Cheese Rusk Black Bean Soup Fried Shad with Sauce Piquante Beefsteak and Onions Beets Spinach on Toast Rice Cream Oatmeal Porridge Cornmeal Muffins Baked Omelette with Herbs Cabbage Salad with Boiled Dressing Farina Blanc Mange Canned Pea Soup Stuffed Halibut Curried Chicken Rice Bananas Kidney Beans Cocoanut Custard.

SUMMER BILLS OF FARE: Tomato Soup Lobster Pates Beef Roast a lOrleans New Potatoes Banana Ice Cream Milk Mush Tom Thumb Omelettes Buttered Potatoes Rye Muffins Curried Lobster Pickled Lambs Tongues with Mayonnaise Oatmeal Crackers Junket Calfs Feet Soup with Poached Eggs Potted Ducks Potatoes a la Napolitaine Stuffed Egg Plant Shrimp and Cheese Salad Charlotte a la Royale Molded Wheat Germ Meal Porridge Scalloped Codfish with Cheese Buttermilk Biscuit Chopped Potatoes Pates de Veau Tomato Salad Chicken Sandwiches Cocoanut Cake Green Pea Soup Fried Scallops Queen of Puddings Roast Fowl a la Guyot Green Corn Porridge a Deviled Kidneys Mammas Muffins Melons Codfish Scalloped, with Mushrooms Terhune Corn Bread Dried Rusk and Milk Lakewood Chowder Chickens Fried Hole Potato Fritters Summer Squash Peaches and Whipped Cream Lobster Croquettes Bread and Milk Muffins Fried Cucumbers Meringued Coffee - Ragout of Sweetbreads Potato Scallops Cousin Melissas Sponge Cake Lemonade Salmon Bisque Brown Fricassee of Chicken Stuffed Tomatoes Egg Salad with Sardine Mayonnaise Huckleberry Pudding Arrowroot Porridge Broiled Chickens Egg Biscuits Potatoes a la Parisienne Ham Rarebit Corn Fritters Pink and White Cake Baked Soup Oyster au Gratin Stewed Pigeons String Beans a la Maitre dHotel Stewed Tomato Mince of Ham and Eggs French Rolls Deviled Crabs Cold Welsh Rarebit A Sweet Omelette Iced Tea Mock Turtle Soup Fried Whitefish Fresh Beefs Tongue Spring Beans Potatoes au Geneve Corn Starch Custard Pineapple Sliced, with wine Scallop of Corn and Tomatoes Apple Meringue Stewed Sheeps Tongues Oatmeal Bannocks Rissoles Cucumber Salad o Chopped Potatoes Warm Gingerbread Curry Rice Soup Baked Pickerel Stewed Chops String Beans Peach Ice Cream Lemon Cake Ham Fried in Batter Browned Potatoes Rice Waffles Beef Balls Corn Cake Potato Salad Lemon Cream Toast Fish Bisque Maigre Fricasseed Broilers Potato Croquettes Baked Cauliflower Peach Pudding Peach Sauce v English Oatmeal Porridge Beef Sausages Scalloped Eggs Raised Muffins, without eggs Fried Sweet Potatoes Warm Jelly Cakes Beef and Sago Soup Cod and Macaroni Liver a la Jardiniere Stewed Celery Potato Croquettes Hedgehog Pudding Wheaten Grits Breakfast Bacon Boiled Eggs Waffles Beef Loaf Sardines on Toast Cocoanut Cake Lobster Chowder Braised Veal Potato Hillocks Stewed Eels a la Francaise Farina Waffles Savory Potatoes Mince of Chicken and Eggs Shrimp Salad Thin Bread and Butter Huckleberry Cake Indian Meal Pudding. THE DINNER PAIL: Ham Sandwiches Cheese and Egg Sandwich Sardine Sandwiches Bacon and Mutton Sandwiches Cracker and Anchovy Sandwiches Deviled Eggs Chicken Salad Galantine Fruit Bread. AUTUMN BILLS OF FARE: Mutton Chops Egg Gems Stewed Lobster Toasted Crackers Saratoga Potatoes Apple Pyramid Turnip Puree Boiled Corned Beef Creamed Onions Tomatoes and Corn Batter Pudding Cream Sauce Fruit Beef Hash au Gratin Barbaras Griddle Cakes Baked Potatoes Oysters in Bed Fried Pigs Feet Deviled Tomatoes Café au Lait Cake Filling for Cake -- Turnip Puree Baked Flounder Cutlets Larded Beefs Tongue Fried Oyster Plant Celery au Gratin Maries Pudding Liquid Sauce Imperial Granum Porridge Stewed Eggs Risen Muffins 0ysters Scalloped with Mushrooms Fried Apples Mince of Potatoes and Corn Jelly Roll Lima Bean Soup Curried Chicken Pie Stewed Cabbage Fried Celery Sweet Potato Pie Rye Porridge Kidneys and Ham Flannel Cakes Beef Scallops Cheese Fingers Doughnuts Turnip Soup Deviled Oysters Braised Beef Spinach On Toast Fried Parsnips Cup Plum Pudding Oatmeal Porridge Deviled Rabbit Corn Bread Lyonnaise Potatoes Veal and Ham Croquettes Baked Sweet Potatoes Apple Sauce Sponge Cake - Clear Soup Creamed Lobster Stewed Beefsteak - Cauliflower Potatoes in Cases Horse Radish & Burnt Custard Light Cakes Breaded Scallops Potato Drop Cakes Peach Shortcake Scotch Herrings Cold Beefs Heart Sponge Cake Fritters Mutton and Macaroni Chicken and Sago Broth Spinach Dunder Haggis Rice Cream Pork Chops with Tomato Sauce Crumb Griddle Cakes Meringued Café au Lait Smoked Salmon Potato Cakes au Gratin Rabbit Soup Oyster Salad Steamed Turkey Thickened Milk Cranberry Sauce Scalloped Cabbage Stewed Squash i Myrtles Charlotte Mush and Milk Sausages Pancakes, Sugared Italian Rice Pudding Tomato Sauce Fried Bread Apple Charlotte Barley Broth Buttered Lobster Pot Roast of Beef Potato Souffle Pea Cakes Amber Pudding Fried Liver White Scones Chopped Potatoes Boiled Eggs Home Made Sausage Cherry and Sardine Salad Fried Bananas Soft Gingerbread Vegetable Soup Broiled Bluefish Veal and Ham Pie Scalloped Squash Sweet Potatoes au Gratin Rice and Peach Pudding Cream Sauce Brewis Risen Corn Bread Clam Fritters Stewed Sweet Potatoes Boiled Eggs Deviled Ham Potato Puff Bread, Butter and Pickles Baked Apple Charlotte Boiled Chestnuts Rabbit Soup Browned Beefs Tongue Curry of Tomatoes and Rice Turnips with White Sauce Boiled Indian Pudding. WINTER BILLS OF FARE: Browned Rice Porridge Fricasseed Eggs Crumpets Stewed Potatoes Giblet Soup Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding Sea Kale Mount Blanc Potato Creamed Sponge Cake Brandied Peaches Hominy Boiled with Milk Creamed Eggs Fried Mush Brown Muffins Barbecued Ham Baked Potatoes Steamed Apples Marmalade Cake Clam Chowder Boiled Chicken in rice Stewed Celery Mashed Potatoes Hominy Porridge Fish Balls Risen Muffins White and Graham Bread Calfs Brains Scalloped Tomatoes Baked Roley-Poley Corn Beef Hash Shrimp Salad with Mayonnaise Dressing Cheesecups Oatmeal Gingerbread Cocoa-theta Cod Chowder Baked Calfs Head Canned Corn Stew Mold of Potato Indian Meal Pudding Baked Sweet Apples Brain Fritters Oatmeal Griddle Cakes with Maple Syrup Chicken or Veal Fondue Baked Beans Potato Soup Steamed Chicken, Stuffed Steamed Corn Bread a Mock East Indian Preserves Calfs Head Soup Halibut Steak Beefs Tongue au Gratin Potato Puff Stewed Oyster Plant Baked Apple Dumpling, Brandy Sauce Oatmeal Porridge Southern Batter Bread Codfish Omelette Potato Loaves Fried Tripe Baked Eggs Potato Puree Larded Pike Veal and Ham Cutlets Creamed Turnips Potato Souffle Stewed Tomatoes Oyster Plant Fritters Rice Porridge Stewed Eels Potato Balls Anchovied Toast with Egg Sauce Farina Soup Baked Halibut Ragout of Mutton Cauliflower au Gratin Hominy Croquettes A Winter Hens Nest Graham Biscuit Golden Mush How to use the last of the Mutton Cheese Bars Soft Raisin Gingerbread Vegetable Family Soup Scalloped Oysters Stewed Duck Glazed Potatoes Suet Pudding Farina Salt Mackerel with White Sauce Veal and Macaroni Scallop Baked Sweet Apples and Cake Russian Soup Salmon Pudding with Lemon Sauce Roast Rabbits Potatoes au Milan Graham Fruit Pudding.

PICKLES: East India, or Mixed Pickles Tiny Tims Chow Chow No. 2 Cucumber Soy Green Tomato Soy Ripe Tomato Soy Cherry Pickle Pickled Pears Pickled Peaches Pickalilli. FRUIT JELLIES: Currant Jelly Cherry Jelly Blackberry and Raspberry Jelly Strawberry Jelly Peach and Pineapple Jelly Apple Jelly Quince Jelly. PRESERVES, JAMS, AND MARMALADES: Preserved Strawberries Pineapple Preserves Preserved Cherries Imitation East India Preserves Red Raspberry Jam Blackcap Jam Quince Marmalade Orange Marmalade Peach Marmalade.

A FEW DISHES FOR THE INVALID. Remember folks, this is an 1889 original. This book is 130 years old. Please be sure to add me to your List of Favorite Sellers. Don't miss out on any of my latest listings.

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  • Year Printed: 1889
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Topic: American (US)
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Region: North America
  • Author: Harland
  • Subject: Cooking
  • Original/Facsimile: Original
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Union Publishing
  • Place of Publication: New York

ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day    ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Rare Old 1889 Vintage Cookery Pastry CONFECTIONERY Mother's Day